Star Trek into Greatness

My first blog … WOOHOO!!!

I have high expectations of the new Star Trek movie.  And from the reviews I’m reading, I won’t be disappointed.  Everything I’ve seen from Bad Robot productions have been very good.  From Lost, to Fringe, to my new favorite Person of Interest and even Alcatraz, I’ve loved everything that JJ Abrams has touched. 

Star Trek – the last movie – made me proud to be a Trekker.  It quickly took the top spot as my favorite journey through the final frontier.  My only hope is that they keep it up after Abrams heads over to the Star Wars franchise.  All things considered, he may only do one Wars movie and bounce back to Trek.  Consider this scenario, Star Wars is going to be Episode 7.  It must follow the same mythos, visuals, action as its predecessors … at least somewhat.  With Trek, everything was recreated: timeline, visuals, even the Enterprise is new.  You can’t just hand this over to completely new team.  It’s illogical.

Anywho, I feel that this is the start of something great.  This new timeline can go on for quite sometime.  This is the proper reboot for the franchise.  Not to take anything away from the other series in the franchise (Next Generation, Deep Space 9, et al), but this exactly what was needed.  We can only pray that another TV series is spun off.