A Goodbye to The Office


After 9 seasons and 201 episodes, one of the greatest sitcoms of all time will come to an end on Thursday May 16, 2013. The Office has been a staple of NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup since its first season in 2005 and will come to an end with the one-hour series finale which is sure to be a great ending for the crew at Dunder Mifflin.

The Office focuses around the office employees at the fictional Dundler Mifflin Paper Company, located in Scranton, PA. The workers are followed around by a camera crew that is recording their everyday lives at work and everything else in between. The employees gave America a reason to laugh, love, cry, and want to work at a place like that. Whether it was the ineptness of the boss, the love between two employees, or  the search for the infamous Scranton Strangler, The Office was must-see TV for many years.

The series began as an American spin-off of the popular BBC series of the same name in the UK. The series was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and developed for American TV by Greg Daniels. The series lasted 9 seasons, spawned a series of 9 different webisodes, featuring 37 individual episodes, and countless other merchandise.

Michael (Steve Carell), Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Jim (John Krasinski), Pam (Jenna Fischer), Andy (Ed Helms), Ryan (B.J. Novak), Kelly (Mindy Kaling), and Darryl (Craig Robinson) were the main characters that made up the office. Michael was the Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Dwight was the top salesman and the Assistant to the Regional Manager. Pam was the receptionist and love interest of salesman Jim. Andy was also a salesman that transferred when the Stamford branch closed. Ryan started as a temp and moved to sales. Kelly was a customer service rep and Darryl was the warehouse foreman.

They were joined by many recurring office employees that added to the zaniness that was the series. These employees included Stanley, Phyllis, Toby, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, Creed, Meredith, and Jan. Many other characters left throughout the series and some were added on. Just in this last season, The Office added Pete and Clark, two young employees that have had a major impact in the final season.

Adding to the people that worked at Dunder Mifflin, the series had a large group of other recurring characters and special guests. Some of the most well-known recurring characters were Mose, Dwight’s cousin, Bob Vance, Phyllis’s husband, Hank, the head of security, Angela’s cats, and many of the main characters’ family. One of my favorite recurring characters however was Todd Packer, played by David Koechner. Packer was the traveling salesman at Dunder Mifflin and was known for being completely rude, perverted, and insensitive to the other employees.

Some of the biggest special guests of The Office included James Spader as the eccentric Robert California, Kathy Bates, the one time owner of Dunder Mifflin, Idris Elba as Charles Minor, and Will Ferrell as Deangelo Vickers, the first replacement for Michael Scott. When Michael Scott did leave Dunder Mifflin, one episode included Will Arnett, Ray Romano, Warren Buffett, Ricky Gervais, and Jim Carrey all playing hopefuls for the Regional Manager position.

Personally, I was late getting onto The Office. I did not begin watching until the 6th season in 2009. I got 2 seasons on DVD as a gift for Christmas and was immediately hooked. I bought all the seasons to catch me up and started to watch on a regular basis from then until now. I will watch the series finale with a heavy-heart as one of my favorite shows comes to an end for good. As a fan, I can’t wait to see how it all ends, but I am not looking forward to not seeing The Office on the TV listings come this fall.

So, from the continuous pranks between Jim and Dwight to The Dundies, The Booze Cruise to the Fun Run, The Gay Witch Hunt to Threat Level Midnight and Poor Richards to the Michael Scott Paper Company, I will miss all the fun that The Office gave to me over the years. I can never forget the love between Jim and Pam nor the hatred of Toby by Michael. And what I think I will miss most of all is the catchy, upbeat theme song that sticks in your head the moment you hear it.

I know that I will never be able to sum up 9 seasons in one blog, no matter how much I try, but I just wanted to say goodbye to the series that made my want to watch something other than sports on TV. And I know that as the series went on and people came and left Dunder Mifflin, the series has had its down moments. But overall, The Office will live on in TV history and will get many plays in my DVD player. The Office will never be replaced for what it was. It was a sitcom, filmed like a documentary, that did not use a laugh track that is so typical, and introduced a different type of humor to the American audience. So, I say goodbye to everyone that made The Office possible. And I thank you. You gave great entertainment to me and many others over the last few years. And at 8:00 pm central tomorrow night, I will be enjoying the end of The Office. I hope they go out with a bang.

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