Partying in New Orleans … the unbeaten path

This weekend, we had the pleasure of giving The D his last hoorah: The Bachelor Party.  We tried to stay away from Bourbon Street until necessary.  The idea was to give him a proper send-off, but not in the typical sense.  Show him another side of NOLA that we usually never get to see.

First stop: Port of Call
Lunch at Port of Call was pretty darn good.  I had always heard good things about it and we were not disappointed.  With a very simple menu of burgers, baked potatoes and only a small handful of others.  Every burger is a half pound, 3.5 inches in diameter and over an inch thick, piled with cheese, mushrooms and various other toppings.  Cooked to order and every bit of delicious.  The baked potatoes were PILED with the typical toppings and VERY delicious.  Venue is a little small but that adds to the charm.

Next stop: Celebration Distillery
Celebration Distillery is the producer of Old New Orleans Rum.  To the uninitiated, their rums kick the crap out of everything Bacardi puts out.  Celebration’s list of products include Crystal (clear, aged one year), Amber (dark, aged three years), Cajun Spice (spiced with typical Cajun spices, obviously, aged five years), 10 Year, and a spiked Ginger Ale called Gingeroo.  I wish the tour would have been a little more informative but our guide was pretty funny.  The tour ended with tastings of the lineup.  10 year is phenomenal but a little pricey.

Next stop: Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar & Grill
Very cool bar!  It reminded me of the bars my wife and I visited in our trips to the Caribbean and Cozumel, Mexico.  Just a laid-back, life-is-easy atmosphere.  On their drink menu, was something called “The Scorpion Shot.”  It’s a shot of tequila with a baby scorpion in it.  Stinger removed, of course.  Two of our contributors, Wrench and Ben, did it, with different techniques.  Ben swallowed the scorpion whole.  Wrench, on the other hand, chewed it.  Ben had the better idea, as the scorpion had the texture of a cockroach.  They both got t-shirts for their efforts.

Next stop: Barcadia
NERD HEAVEN.  I could see this bar being my watering-hole-of-choice.  Vintage video games, giant Jenga and Connect-4 sets, beer and food menus that can compete with the best of them.  We even saw a local celebrity there, Chris Rose.  We also had dinner there.  I had the Phoenix … one of the best turkey and bacon sandwiches I’ve ever had.  The bacon was pecan smoked, which is much different from the norm.  The french fries were excellent and the cheese curds were a pleasant surprise.  Imagine cheese sticks with beignet coating instead of breading.  Very tasty.

At this point, 2 of our buddies decided they couldn’t hang with us anymore and left.

Next stop: Tony Seville’s Pirate’s Alley Cafe & Old Absinthe House
PIRATE’S ALLEY!!! We found it!!! Nestled between a church and a courthouse, Pirate’s Alley is situated in a way that you have to know what you’re looking for to find it.  Tony Seville’s was a really cool bar, outfitted with the typical Pirate-y things you’d see, but not too over-the-top.  The D had his first drink of absinthe here.  A couple of the other guys had it as well.  I did not.  I learned my lesson the last time.

Next stop: The Dungeon
Located just off Bourbon Street, this bar was the last stop until the “Typical New Orleans” portion of the night.  I was actually a bit disappointed with this bar.  It may have been because we were there kind of early but there wasn’t many people there at that time.  I’ve heard that place was a bit freaky but we did not experience this.  The music was very cool here though, and the beer was pretty cheap for The Quarter so it did have some redeeming qualities.

The rest of the night, was your typical New Orleans Bachelor Party as you would expect.  I will not say anything further to protect the innocent.

All-in-all, The D was pleased, and many of us were thoroughly drunk by the end of the night at could only be closed out with a trip to Krystal Burger.