A review of the Killswitch Engage concert from NYC

Best Buy Theater Times Square, NYC

Best Buy Theater
Times Square, NYC


A few weeks ago a posted a blog about the return of Jesse Leach in Killswitch Engage and mentioned that I would be attending their concert at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. And although it has been two weeks, I still want to share my thoughts on the whole show.

It was supposed to be Killswitch Engage with Miss May I and As I Lay Dying. However, the lead singer for As I Lay Dying has some legal issues that he is dealing with so the concert was altered a little. I honestly have never listened to As I Lay Dying, so I was cool no matter what.

Before I get into the bands, let me start by talking about the venue. The Best Buy Theater is right in the heart of Times Square. While waiting in line, we were not bored as there is so much going on all around. Once the doors opened, the line moved quickly and we were inside in no time. The venue is beautiful once you get in. There are multiple bars, a snack stand, merchandise tables, and a lounge area. And also, the bathrooms were clean and large, which is a plus of course. The concert area itself was great. There was a lower floor area for the hardcore concert-goers, a middle floor section if you wanted to stand and not have someone fly over you, and a large seating area for the people who want to relax and enjoy the show. Or in our case, the people who walked too much during the day and were dead tired.

The show started right on time with Affiance, a band from Cleveland, OH. There was a reason they opened and it was obvious early on. The band was not horrible, but I was not a fan at all. The singer sounded like he was trying too hard to hit too many vocal ranges and it did not sound good. The music was alright, but I was not thrilled. Their set was short and then came The Word Alive.

The Word Alive is from Phoenix, Arizona and they were probably the most impressive performance to me. I know what Killswitch Engage can do, but I had never heard much from the other bands and they put on a hell of a performance. They were active and energetic the entire set. And they were humble too, noting that they would not be playing if it were not for the issues with As I Lay Dying and were grateful to be there. And they even performed a cover of “94 Hours” by As I Lay Dying. Very impressive.

The next band up was Darkest Hour from Washington, D.C. I have to be honest here and just say that I am not a fan of their music. I did not like their performance. They came in, played their songs, and left. Not much interaction with the crowd and not a lot of movements.  Sorry to their fans, but it just wasn’t the thing for me. However, they all sported some killer beards.

After Darkest Hour was Miss May I. They are from Dayton, OH and they were very impressive. I had only heard two of their songs previously and wanted to check out more. Their set was good and made me a fan of theirs. I have since listened to more of their music and like what I hear. They were very energetic and communicated well with the crowd. A good band to head into the headliners. And after another quick change on stage (they were very good all night with getting the next act up), it was time for what everyone was waiting for.

Killswitch Engage, from the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area, took the stage and got the crowd into the show from the start. The return of Jesse looked like it gave new life not just to him but the entire band. Adam Dutkiewicz was all over the stage for their entire set, which was nearly 20 songs long. They gave everything they had in their performance. Jesse said he was happy to be playing the Best Buy Theater and playing in his hometown in front of his parents and wife. And he performed like he something to prove. I like Howard Jones and what he contributed to the band, but Jesse is where he belongs and it showed in that performance. After belting out hits such as “Life to Lifeless”, “Rose of Sharyn”, “This is Absolution”, “My Curse”, and “The End of Heartache”, they band closed the show with “My Last Serenade”. By this time, we had hit the bathrooms and made our way through the venue to get outside. We had had a long day and still had an hour ride by train and bus to get back to our hotel. But walking out to that song put a nice finish on the evening.

Overall, the show was great. I am glad we had the chance to go and wish they would come down to the New Orleans area. The show was great, the venue was amazing, and the experience is priceless. If you get the chance to see Killswitch Engage, don’t pass it up. And if you are ever in New York, and have the chance to see a show at the Best Buy Theater I highly recommend it. The place is clean, spacious, and there are no bad views. Trust me on this one people.


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