The Word Alive: A band to check out


The Word Alive is a 5 -piece metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. I simply say metal because no matter of all these subgenres, its all metal to me. If you like bands like Miss May I, Escape the Fate, or Asking Alexandria, then you will like The Word Alive.

I had the chance to see them open for Killswitch Engage in NYC and I’m glad I did. This band blew me away. Their energy was unparalleled and the show was amazing. I was lucky to be in New York on my honeymoon at the same time of this show. I never heard them before but me and my wife were immediately hooked by their music.

After their set, I picked up their latest CD, Life Cycles, and I have basically listened to it on repeat since then. And it never gets old. I have yet to check out their older stuff but I will soon.

The Word Alive has 2 studio albums out and more. In my opinion, check out the tracks “Life Cycles”, “Dragonspell”, “Entirety”, and “Room 126”. Also, check out their cover of Kayne West’s “Heartless” from the compilation album Punk Goes Pop 3.

If you like what you hear, you can check out more at and their Facebook page or get their music at itunes or amazon.