Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation


The second live-action G.I. Joe film hit theaters earlier this year and was released on home video on July 30, 2013. The film’s plot revolves around the G.I. Joe’s being framed by Zartan (Vosloo), who is impersonating the President of the United States, for stealing nuclear warheads. Having to hide as they try to clear their name, the remain “real American heroes” will have to try to stay alive and prove their innocence.

The film features many of the classic G.I. Joe characters that were made popular in comics or the cartoons. Roadblock (Johnson), Duke (Tatum), Snake Eyes (Park), Storm Shadow (Lee), Lady Jaye (Palicki), and Firefly (Stevenson) are just a few. Dwayne Johnson does a great job in the role of Roadblock, showing his no-nonsense, rough attitude. This role is one of many that displays why Johnson is in such demand as an actor. The characters of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are given a little more history in this film and their action sequences are superb. Ray Stevenson was a surprise actor in this film and does an excellent job as the mercenary for the Cobra Organization. I have seen Stevenson before in Punisher: War Zone and the television series Dexter, among others, and he has become one of my favorite actors.

Bruce Willis put out another great performance in this movie also. Willis playing General Joseph Colton, the original G.I. Joe. He plays the part perfectly as an aging man with an attitude that refuses to be held down. Also, relative unknown Luke Bracey portrayed the evil Cobra Commander, the head of the Cobra Organization. He takes over the role that was previously played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. And while he was the man in costume, it was actually actor Robert Baker that lent his voice for the character. Either way, this Cobra Commander was way better than in the first movie.

The film is by no means spectacular. However it is a good action film that will please most fans of the characters. The pace is good although there are a few dull moments. The actors do a good job portraying their over-the-top heroes and villains. It is a film that some will enjoy and some will hate. It is not for everyone. But I enjoyed it. It has gotten mostly negative reviews but it is worth a shot. And, in my opinion, it is way better than the first film. So if you didn’t enjoy the original, don’t let that stop you from checking out G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

the D