Drive-in Theaters: How I Wish I Could Go To One

I have heard all about them, but I have never had the chance to actually see one. Drive-in theaters peaked in popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s and made up approximately 25% of the nation’s cinemas. Now, drive-in’s make up only 1% of theaters in America. I know that factors such as real estate, weather, and new movie technologies have basically ended the days of drive-in’s but I for one wish I could have had the chance to experience this unique form of cinema. The closest I ever got was watched a movie that I made. We played the movie on a projector and showed it on a sheet hung from a shed.

But I for one realize that in order for me to experience this, I will have to travel. The city I live in, Houma, LA, had a drive-in theater at one point. But that is no more of course. Hell, we only have one huge theater now. We don’t even have the old-school theaters with rocking chairs! But I know that somewhere out there in the US there are still drive-ins still in existence. But what am going to do? Take a vacation just to see a movie and then go home? Nope. No matter how much I want to have this experience, that just won’t happen.

I understand that people want a theater with multiple films playing and people want to see the film of their choice in comfort. And that since drive-in’s were just one screen, owners would not make much in these days. The fact of only being able to offer one film would be hard for anyone attempting to own a drive-in. I guess what I want is for a brief return to the old days. Maybe I’m a bit nostalgic. But I know that I am not alone. I’m sure there has to be someone out there that would like the chance to experience watching a movie at the drive-in.

That’s about all I got. This wasn’t meant to be some big, informative blog. I just had a thought and went with it. Maybe it was more “wishful writing” than anything. It was on my mind and it flowed. But is it so bad to wish for the return of drive-in theaters? I don’t think so. Hell, I think that one day it may even happen. Let’s be real here. If some of these fashion trends that have been brought back can happen (and why I’ll never know), then why can’t drive-ins?


the D