Top Wrestling Factions of All Time, #’s 20-16


Throughout the history of professional wrestling, groups of wrestlers and their managers have formed factions that have shaped and controlled the world of wrestling. And while everyone has their favorites, Blog 4 Dat created a list and we put it to vote. This is will be broken down into four blogs. This week we will reveal 20-16 and more will be posted next week. Click the names of the groups to read more about them. So, without further ado, here are the top 20 wrestling factions of all-time, as voted by the d and The Masked Wrench at Blog 4 Dat.


1) The Kliq


The Kliq (however you want to spell it) held some of the, if not the most influential wrestlers and backstage presence ever in the world of professional wrestling. The reason they did not make our cut is because the lack of time they were actually together in one federation. You can argue that they had both the WWE and WCW by the balls, but they were also competing against each other in the Monday Night Wars.  The lack of on-screen/in the ring time together also gives the fans a lackluster feel to what they were as a group of wrestlers. Think of them as a spirit, you know they are there, but you can’t see them.

2) Second City Saints (March 2003 – July 2006)


CM Punk, Ace Steel and Colt Cabana (along with escorts from Lucy and Traci Brooks) were a wrestling stable in Ring of Honor, battling the likes of Raven, The Prophecy and Generation Next. The group of friends put on some great shows in the Ring of Honor, but fell short of making our list. Check out their matches on YouTube.

3) The Legacy (Jan 2009 – April 2010)


Randy Orton led a not-so-ready Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase despite being third generation wrestlers. The group had some legs, but lacked the charisma to be taken seriously at times with Rhodes and DiBiase lacking the experiences of Orton. I wouldn’t mind seeing this group in the future working together now having gained a few more years of time in the business.


# 20

The Brood (Oct 1998 – July 1999)

The Brood was a wrestling stable in the Attitude Era, delivering blood bathes, dark words and more blood bathes to their opponents. The stable produced a WWE Hall of Famer in Edge, a World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and TNA in Christian, and one of the greatest tag teams ever in Edge and Christian. Gangrel? Not so much. Although the Brood didn’t last as long as they would have liked too, and they did get absorbed by the Ministry of Darkness since they were doing similar things, they did make the cut at number 20 of the top wrestling factions of all-time.

the D’s thoughts: I was hesitant at first to include The Brood in the top 20. They were an awesome group with an even better entrance but I just dodn’t know if they made the cut. Not to mention that they seemed unstable. Gangrel was an act and not a very good wrestler and while Edge & Christian were a top-notch tag team, they were replaced eventually by The Hardy’s. They seemed shaky but I think we got it right putting them at the 20 spot. They were better and more unique than the Honorable Mentions.

# 19

Team Canada (August 2000 – March 2001)


Team Canada, a small but semi-successful faction from early 2000, made the list because I had them in my top 20 and the D didn’t. I ended up slipping them into the countdown and the d just went with it. Team Canada created some cheap heat playing the patriotism card, and who better to play it than Lance Storm? Lance was filled with so much fire and charisma… oh wait, no he didn’t. I’ve seen way worse stables create better more charisma than him.The-Oddities-WWF-Earthquake-SummerslamBut damn, Lance Storm could wrestle. The dryness fit him and Team Canada. That lands them at #19 on our list.

the D’s thoughts: Lucky! Team Canada was not even in our discussion but The Masked Wrench apparently had a man-crush going on with Lance Storm because he couldn’t shake the Canadians out of his head. But, they landed on the countdown even without being on our list of about 30 stables. Lance Storm might be smiling somewhere. Come to think of it, no, he isn’t. Damn sneaky Canadians!

# 18

Dangerous Alliance (1987-1995)


Dangerous Alliance went across 4 different wrestling federations, but Blog 4 Dat is looking at he WCW incarnation, led by manager Paul E. Dangerously. The stable of wrestlers had some talent including Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, “Stunning” Steve Austin, “Ravishing” Rick Rude along with others. The group helped headline most of the middle cards, held the WCW Television Title three times, the WCW United States Heavyweight Title and WCW Tag Team Championship twice. They put on a hell of a bloody match at War Games against the Alliance. The reason they aren’t higher is because they didn’t get a push to the top of the card because they didn’t have the star power at the time. They end up at #18.

# 17

Triple Threat (1995-2005)


Triple Threat was the brainchild of Shane Douglas.  This group was a shot at Ric Flair’s Four Horsemen due to the fact Douglas believed Flair held him back in his first run in WCW when Flair was a booker. Triple Threat had a few incarnations, but our focus is on the team of Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow and Francine as their manager. In many ways, they could have become a much better faction than they ended up on our list. The group all held gold at one time, with Bam Bam as television champion, “The Franchise” as the ECW World heavyweight champion and Chris Candido as one member of the tag team champions. This group always was willing to leave for a dollar more though, leaving ECW and never having the same stoke they had from their on out in ECW or other federations.

the D’s thoughts: I had Triple Threat higher than this but they fell harder than Douglas’s WWE career. I thought that they were the top faction in ECW for a while and controlled the show. But that may have been their downfall too. They were a top stable on the 3rd biggest wrestling promotion at the time. And let’s face it, Bigelow and Candido had their personal demons. Douglas became a bigger talker than wrestler. And well, well, ok, I don’t have anything wrong to say about Francine. She was what every teenaged male wrestling fan wanted to see.

# 16

Aces & Eights (June 2012 – Current)

Aces & Eights is one of the current factions going, gaining steam on our list by providing many surprises and trying to help steer the ship in TNA. Their story (video above) pulled in some of the great late in their careers (Hogan and Sting to name a few) to sort of pass along the torch for a new faction to make a name for itself. The faction has helped gain Bully Ray (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley of the ECW and WWE days) a heavyweight title and was also named the Feud of the Year in 2012 by PWI. Sometimes, the Aces & Eights can become a little tiring, but they are providing some damn good brawls and exciting, unpredictable action.

And there you have it. That is the 20-16 of the countdown. Tune in next week to see #’s 15-11 in Blog 4 Dat’s Top Twenty Wrestling Factions of All-Time. Same Blog 4 Dat time, same Blog 4 Dat channel.

-The Masked Wrench


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