See No Evil…Again

WWE Superstar Kane

WWE Superstar Kane

Earlier this month, WWE Studios and Lionsgate announced that production will begin this fall on the sequel to WWE Studio’s first-ever release, See No Evil. The film starred WWE Superstar Kane (real name Glen Jacobs) as the movie’s villain Jacob Goodnight. It was the perfect role for Kane as his wrestling persona is also very dark and evil, most of the time. And with Kane basically being written out of wrestling storylines after this past Sunday’s SummerSlam PPV, it seems as though filming is set to begin.

The original film revolved around a group of young delinquents that are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. The psychopath Jacob Goodnight is living in the run-down hotel and begins killing everyone in sight, including a cop that is escorting the kids that shot Goodnight years earlier. In the end, three survivors seemingly kill Goodnight and escape with their lives.

The film was good and felt like a throwback to simplistic killer movies from the 1980’s. While it could have been better, I was satisfied with the effort. The director, Gregory Dark, was an unknown director transitioning from the adult film world. Kane was not a typical actor. The rest of the cast were relative unknowns. And this was WWE’s first effort with their movie studio division.

See No Evil Poster

See No Evil Poster

The sequel will pick up right where the first ended with a seemingly dead Jacob Goodnight brought to the morgue. He returns from the dead however and now a group of medical students will have to fight to stay alive. So far it sounds like a return to the simplistic approach the original took and that is fine with me. But I do expect a little more this time around. And for good reason.

The Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia, have been attached to direct See No Evil 2. There 2012 film American Mary is one of the best original horror films to come out recently. They have been highly touted since their breakthrough film and are now getting their chance to make this sequel better than its predecessor.

I also expect more from WWE Studios this time around. The division of WWE was just starting up when See No Evil was released. After this first film, they followed up with some bombs. But in recent years, their films have gotten better. The Call, Dead Men Down, and No One Lives were all really good films. But, as with those films, it would probably help to get another named actor to attract attention to the film. They don’t have to get a “Hollywood A-List” actor but I do think it would help to get someone people will recognize. A veteran of the horror genre would do the trick easily.

But time will tell on all of that. The specifics are not really known yet. As we get further and further into the Fall months we will get a better idea of what is going on. Until then, we can wait and see. Before See No Evil 2 gets released, WWE Studios will give us their first film in the reboot of the Leprechaun series, Leprechaun: Origins. And hey, if they can make the old leprechaun relevant again, then Jacob Goodnight should give fans plenty to scream about.


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