A different view than most on Ben Affleck as Batman


The announcement was huge. Ben Affleck is the new Batman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film. The response was even bigger. The majority of the world thinks it is a horrible idea. I mean they even petitioned to stop Affleck from getting the role.
And now that some time has passed since the huge announcement, I’m going to give my opinion. I don’t have any huge revelation. I’m not going to get into detail on Batman’s mythology and the importance of who portrays this “sacred” comic book character. Nope. My opinion is simple. If director Zach Snyder is good with Affleck, so am I.
Yep. It’s that simple.! Who am I to question Snyder or anyone else involved with the film? Or Warner Brothers studio for that matter. They decided on Affleck for a reason and I, as a fan, really have no complaints.
Will Ben Affleck do a good job? I don’t know. Will he measure up to Christian Bales’s version of The Dark Knight? Not sure. Would someone have been a better choice? Maybe. But, to me, this film’s success will not solely rest on Affleck. And if his past is any indicator, Snyder will not flop on this film.
Horror fans said that the classic film Dawn of the Dead should not be remade. Well, in 2004, Snyder remade the classic with own twists and it is one of the best horror films in the past 10 years. It isn’t better than the original but it is just as entertaining.
Snyder then followed that up with two comic book adaptations. His adaptation of 300 brought Snyder’s name to the forefront of Hollywood and Watchmen was an extraordinary film that further cemented his position as one of the best directors today.
Snyder would direct a few more films before taking on the reboot of Superman in this year’s Man of Steel. He took a very daunting task and made Superman relevant on the big screen once again. He succeeded where others failed. And now he gets to be the man to bring Superman back to movie theaters with another popular superhero, Batman.
So, while 98.999% of the world’s population seem to rather see anyone but Affleck as Batman, I say good luck Ben. I’ll be ready to see the film when it finally gets here. Yes, I saw Daredevil. I know. But that was also years and years ago. And if anyone thinks that movie was a flop solely because of Ben Affleck then please tell me how his portrayal of Matt Murdock made almost everyone else’s characters stink!
But in the end, I think Affleck is a terrific actor. And he is now paired with an extremely talented director. And together, with the help of others like Nolan and Goyer, I think they will make a great film that will finally show two of the best comic book characters of all-time together for the first time. It will be like Freddy vs. Jason for superhero fans. And I can’t wait.

the D