Top Wrestling Factions of All Time, #’s 10-6

Well, we are back here at Blog 4 Dat with Week 3 of the Top Twenty Wrestling Factions of All-Time, going through the countdown with number’s 10 -6. To check out #20-16 or #15-11, click the link. And why waste any time? Here we go:


The Main Event Mafia (October 2008 – Current)


The Main Event Mafia might be the most prestigious group of wrestlers the world of wrestling has ever seen. In a way, the group has been very successful for the career of Sting. It allowed him to re-invent himself late in his career to keep his character fresh and in the forefront of the title picture and top of the wrestling storylines. I think Kurt Angle would be near the top of best wrestlers of all-time if he could stay out of trouble. The group as a faction though has dominated the TNA storylines and is battling the group of Aces & Eights on a nightly basis lately. The Main Event Mafia has defiantly left their mark, but they are the group that could have been.


Nation of Domination (Nov. 1996 – Nov. 1998)


I freaking hated the Nation of Domination. Wow, that sounds extremely racist. The N.O.D. was a faction during the Attitude Era who was loud, bold and all about “black supremecy.” Although the NOD never dominated with title reigns, they dominated the storylines. They had a cast of great wrestlers with Faarooq, The Rock, D’Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa (The Godfather and Goodfather), Mark Henry and Owen Hart (he is not a nugget). The group had a classic bout with DX, even leading to DX mocking the NOD in a great promo.


The NOD eventually disbanded once the Rock’s popularity surpassed the group and he went solo, The Godfather was born and D’Lo started doing his head bobbing thing. The NOD gave us a good run and were important part of the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars.


The Fabulous Freebirds (1979 – 1994)


The Fabulous Freebirds were a group of “three man tandem” type of tag team in the 80s and 90s. Their group formed the “Freebird Rule” which allowed two of the three men to wrestle at any time as a part of the group to defend their tag team titles. They wrestled in the WWF, WCW and NWA promotions, most notably taking on the Von Erichs in epic feuds. If you haven’t seen some of their matches, check them out! The Freebirds helped revolutionize the tag team division in a time where the tag team championships meant something.


Ministry of Darkness (Jan. 1999 – April 29, 1999 formed into the Corporate Ministry which lasted until July 26, 1999)


The Ministry of Darkness was one of my wrestling factions growing up. I hope that isn’t a reflection on me, but whatever. The faction used satanic rituals and brute force during the Attitude Era to dominate the WWF and fight Stone Cold Steve Austin in a pivotal time. The story lines were out there, I mean really out there.

The Undertaker was at his peak of evilness, trying to embalm SCSA. After the failed attempt, The Ministry took form into the Corporate Ministry.

The Ministry had a new leader as the “Greater Power” revealed himself to be none other than Vince McMahon himself. The group didn’t last, but their feuds with Austin and trying to take over the federation provided some great storylines and hellacious wrestling matches.


Hart Foundation



The Hart Foundation was a faction of Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart and Bret Hart who wrestled for the WWF from 1985 to 1991. The group had a storied wrestling background coming from Stu Hart wrestling family. The group was a very powerful, once holding all of the WWF gold ( WWF Championship, Intercontinental, European and Tag Team). The group disbanded after WrestleMania VII once Bret focused on his singles career, but remains a powerful stable in wrestling history with their accomplishments and pedigree. 

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