Dexter is over and I am alright with the ending (WARNING: SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)



Last night, the series finale of Dexter brought the great Showtime series to an end and while the internet blew up with fans that despised the ending, I am fine with how the series ended. Sure, maybe the ending could have been better. But the writers could not have satisfied everyone. It’s impossible. They had to find a way to end one of the most popular series and I think they did ok. Nothing will EVER equal the shocking ending of season 4 and it is ridiculous to expect that. I
But in the end, I’m just happy they did end the series before it carried on too far.

In the finale, Dexter is trying to leave Miami with Hannah and Harrison and begin his new life in Argentina. But when he learns of Debra getting shot, he puts his plans on hold for the moment. But there is a hurricane nearing Florida that is also hindering his plans. He visited Deb in the hospital and she tells him to go. Dexter has flashbacks of him and Deb at the hospital after Harrison was born and they show the relationship they had before Deb found out the truth about Dexter.

After leaving the hospital, Dexter is about to board a bus with Hannah and Harrison when he decides he has to stay to kill Saxon, the killer that shot Deb. He sends Harrison with Hannah and heads back to the hospital. Saxon meanwhile has injured a man and sneaks into the hospital to finish off Deb. When Dexter gets near Deb’s room, he meets up with Saxon. But before Dex can do anything, Batista arrives and Saxon is arrested. But Debra is not even in her room.

Dexter then notices a Quinn nearby and he is crying. Dexter goes to talk to him and finds out Debra has suffered a stroke and if she survives, she will never be the same. This drives Dexter crazier and he goes to do a test on Saxon who is in custody. He tells Saxon he will kill him with a pen and Saxon stabs him in the shoulder. Dexter pulls the pen out and stabs Saxon in the neck and he bleeds to death. Batista and Quinn question Dexter and Quinn could care less. Batista  asks a few questions but then tells Dexter to go.

Dexter then heads out on his boat and goes to the hospital. He unhooks the life support machine on Deb and takes her out of the hospital and onto his boat. He drives out to sea where he dumps her body into the water. He also calls Hannah and Harrison telling him he loves him one last time. Then, Dexter drives out into the oncoming hurricane.

We come back to see his boat destroyed and Batista learns that Dexter is now missing. Then we cut to Argentina and Hannah has read the same news as Batista. She takes Harrison to get ice cream as the screen fades to black. Dexter is dead.

Or so we think. We are then brought to what looks like the Pacific Northwest and a lumberyard. A man gets out of a truck and it is Dexter now sporting a full beard! He walks around the truck, enters a house, and sits down. He closes his eyes and then stares lifelessly into the camera as the episode finishes.

So yeah, it could have ended many different ways. But overall, I’m fine with how it all went down. There are things that could have been done better and things that were done excellently. Here are my 3 take-aways, good and bad, from the finale.

1. Is Harrison really safe with Hannah? How can Dexter be so sure that Hannah has changed her ways and will be able to take care of Harrison. He knows how it is to try to not kill. How can he be sure she won’t kill again. And what about if she finally gets caught?
2. I thought he was selling everything or getting rid of stuff when he was getting ready to move? Well, he must not have gotten much done. He still had his boat and apartment and Astor obviously didn’t get the SUV that she wanted. Easy loose ends to tie that weren’t.
3. A lumberjack? Was there nothing else. I do know that I am not alone in thinking he looked like a poor man’s Wolverine! A man with his smarts could have been doing something better!

1. Deb’s death. I know, I know. It sounds horrible to say. It has nothing to do with her character because I loved her character. But her death was what it took for Dexter to finally realize  that he is responsible for so much pain that others have felt. Her death got to the core of Dexter more than any, including Rita.
2. The flashback sequences were amazing along with the solid acting by Michael C. Hall. The flashback sequences reminded the audience of the Deb we knew before she found Dexter killing The Doomsday Killer. It has been a while since we seen that and it should the difference in Debra. And Hall was great throughout the show but two scenes stick out. When he was talking to Debra before he took her off life support and his last call to Harrison. Touching and genuine. Great job.
3. A lumberjack? Sure, it looked a little silly like I said before. But here is the deal. He could have been caught and eventually sentenced to death. But there is no suffering in that. He could have took his own life, but that would be weak and selfish. But in the end, Dexter has isolated himself from the world he knew. He won’t cause harm to Hannah or Harrison but he also won’t enjoy their love. He has no friends. He has nothing of the life he knew. While he has always tried to kill those who deserved to die, his actions caused the deaths of innocent people including Doakes, Rita, LaGuerta, Dr. Vogel, and now Debra. It is even mentioned that his father Harry killed himself because of what Dexter was. No matter how much we have grown to love Dexter, deep down he is still a killer and has ruined many lives that didn’t deserve it. And now, his life is ruined. And instead of dying, he now has the rest of his miserable existence to ive with that fact.

In the end, I’m satisfied. Dexter is by far my favorite TV show and I have to take the time to thank Matt LeBlanc for introducing me to this great piece of television history. And while it sucks to know I’ll never see another new episode, it was time to end. Thanks for all the memories Dexter. It has been a fun ride. Maybe I’ll see you again somewhere down the road. Who knows. There are rumors all over about a spinoff! Possiblities are there, but I’m just happy to have been a fan all these years.

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