Fast Food Friday: McDonald’s Southwest Chicken Premium McWrap

I wasn’t going to post this week.  There is a complete lack of new menu items right now.  Or so I thought.  I drove up to McDonald’s yesterday and saw a new Premium McWrap.  So I had to try.  Topped with the standards, lettuce, tomato, cheddar jack cheese and the addition of habanero ranch sauce, cilantro lime glaze and tortilla strips (mine actually didn’t have these but had cucumber on it.  Probably, just a mistake of the restaurant).  I chose the crispy chicken but it is also available in grilled.  All I can say is this thing is HOT!!!  The habanero sauce is just pure heat.  The ranch flavor does not come through at all and the cilantro lime glaze was pretty much non-existent.  “Pain” is the only word to describe it.  Not much flavor over the standard Premium McWrap, which is a bit disappointing.  Not much more to be said but it’s just a spicy-as-hell McWrap.

Antacid rating:  1 out of 5 antacids