Fast Food Friday: Burger King’s Big King

This week’s review is of the new Big King from Burger King.  It’s almost an exact copy the Big Mac from MickeyD’s.  Everyone remembers the jingle, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.”  Burger King has definitely kept to that formula.  BUT, this is not the first time they have tried it.  About 10 years ago, BK had another attempt at the Big King.  It was even named the Big King.  And it was almost identical to the one pictured above … only without the “club.”  The piece of bread between the meat patties is called the “club” (which is why a club sandwich is called a club sandwich, not for the meat and toppings but because of the bread in the middle).  Anywho, here we go …

When I opened the wrapper, something stood out at me and actually disappointed me.  This thing is small.  It’s the size of a regular cheeseburger in circumference.  When you call something the “Big King” I expect it to be big.  Not Whopper size, but bigger than a standard cheeseburger.  Taste-wise, I found it to be pretty good.  Tastes much like a standard Big Mac but the thing that separates BK from McD’s is the flame broiling (or fire grilling, whatever they call it these days).  The way they cook the meat is really the only difference.  Special sauce is still Thousand Island dressing, cheese is still cheese, toppings are still toppings.  Nothing new to this thing, just a slightly different flavor than their main competitor.

Antacid Rating:  2.5 out of 5 antacids.