Blog 4 Dat’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft, Part 1

The 2015 NFL Draft is quickly approaching with the first round kicking off on Thursday, April 30 from Chicago, IL. And just like in most years, the rumor mill and predictions are heating up the closer the draft gets. Who will be the first QB taken? Which teams will go after the top two QBs? Who will make the blockbuster trade? And, of course, who will bomb in the draft? (Here’s looking at you Cleveland!) And while every expert from ESPN, NFL, Sports Illustrated, and more have their mock drafts, we wanted to give fans an alternate view.

This mock draft was conducted through emails between four friends who just want to have fun and give their opinions. The picks are made by myself, The D, and fellow football fans and friends The Wrench, Matt, and AJ. Each pick is made by one of us, except for our home team New Orleans Saints. We each had our take on the Saints picks, but decided with one pick after we all gave our thoughts. So here it is! The first quarter of The Average Guy’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft! Enjoy!



Picks 9-16

Picks 17-24

Picks 25-32

Wrench: With the 1st pick, the Tampa Bay Sucs select Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State.

I am more on the bandwagon of Marcus Mariota, even though I think he is a rich man’s Alex Smith. When it comes to quarterbacks, the guy has to have a good head on his shoulders (see Manziel 2014, Russell 2007, Vick 2001). I’m picking Winston here not because of his prospect level, but because Lovie Smith probably looks at Mariota like a rubix cube. With Smith and the Bucs needing to improve (or Smith likely looking to do favors on the corner), he’ll go something he is more capable with winning now. Jameis had a rockstar college career with the likes of the “27 Club” suck as Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. Winston went from Heisman trophy winner to… well this.

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And this…


I got a fellow crustacean to share his thoughts on Winston going to the Bucs. Here are his thoughts…


“Honestly, Jameis is a good kid, hell of an athlete and a winner at FSU. He’ll definitely bring a lot of business [New Orleans restaurants] when he’s riding the bench in 3 years at a solid 350 [lbs]. I wish him the best.” – Mr. Crawfish

Overall, where else can the Bucs go? Jameis has the potential to be the next Big Ben or Daunte Culpepper if he gets his head on right, especially with the way Mike Evans has played so far in his career. As a Saints’ fan, the third Top 3 in the Draft Quarterback in the draft will be rough, but I am looking forward to seeing some great football from this division.

AJ: With the 2nd overall pick, the Tennessee Titans remain the NFL’s most boring team by selecting Leonard Williams, DT, USC. Williams is regarded by many as the top prospect in the draft, and will help Tennessee continue to strengthen a defense that added Brian Orakpo in the offseason. There is a strong consideration for Tennessee, or another team via trade, to pick up Mariota here, but I think if Tennessee stays in the slot, they take Williams. I think the Tennessee talk about Mariota is to entice a trade. Does Chip Kelly have anyone else left to trade away???

The D: The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock now and, as Owen Hart used to say, “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change!”. Well, ok, I know that last year I jumped all over the Jaguars bandwagon and thought they would be the biggest shocker of the NFL season. I just knew that they were going to be the best thing since strip clubs started installing change makers in the club. But I was wrong. Completely wrong. Which shows how little I know.
But this year will be different. I can feel it. Mr. Optimism is back. If the Titans do trade away their second overall pick or go in another direction, then I believe the Jaguars will not hesitate to select DE Leonard Williams from USC. However, for the sake of this draft, I will predict that the Jags will go with Dante Fowler Jr., the LB from Florida. I know they will be tempted by either Cooper or White, but the Jags need two things before they can draft a receiver. They need help on the offensive line to protect their young but potentially good QB Bortles and they need defensive playmakers. The offensive line will have to wait as I think getting one at three would be a reach. So Jacksonville should stay focused and put one piece of the puzzle together and select Fowler. The only people Jacksonville stopped last year were the people that could have went to their games. Fowler could be a cornerstone of defense in need of talent.
Wait! Why am I not going to more Jaguars games? Who cares about the actual team right?
Oh, obviously she does. Or did. Is she dead? Did the Jags kill her?
Oh well, regardless of the fact that they field a team worse than the one in The Longest Yard (the REMAKE), this man is a genius simply because of the pool idea and the results (See first photo, again).

Matt: 4th pick – Oakland Raiders
Better late than never, the Raiders’ representative finally shows up and continues the predictability of this draft by selecting Alabama WR Amari Cooper.

While West Virginia WR Kevin White is considered by some to have the most upside of any WR in this year’s draft, Cooper is ready to step on the field and be one of the NFL’s best from Day 1, while instantly boosting second-year QB Derek Carr’s stock by giving him a legitimate threat in every facet of the passing game.

Of course, if Al Davis had any say, the pick would no doubt be Miami WR Philip Dorset and his blazing fast sub-4.30 40-yard dash. Otherwise, Cooper is the easy pick here.

Matt: 5th pick – Washington Redskins

While the temptation is there to move on from the RGIII era and select Marcus Mariota, the Redskins opt against it and select EDGE rusher Vic Beasley out of Clemson. While the Redskins definitely have other needs, Beasley presents the best value at this spot as the Redskins nab one of the most impressive player’s from February’s NFL Combine.
Beasley’s athleticism should come in handy in the division against the fast-paced Philadelphia offense, and he should help pressure division rivals Tony Romo and Eli Manning.
Unfortunately, the Redskins are a long way from relevancy and while Beasley will help some, a lot more needs to be done to right this ship. Perhaps the smarter pick would be Mariota …

The Wrench: Jets, Jets, Jets. What a conundrum. On one hand, you have a first year head coach with a dire quarterback situation with Geno Smith who isn’t worth a Geno’s Cheesesteak (I prefer Pat’s by the way). Your backup is the Amish Rifle Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not exactly the way to go into training camp. I don’t think Geno is capable of taking this team to the promise land.

The Jets used their first round pick last year on Free Safety Calvin Prior and free agency to nab Derrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie while hoping Dee Milliner has a bounce back year. With Eric Decker and newly acquired Brandon Marshall, the Jets have a veteran and dangerous presence at Wide Out. The best value and pick here with the 6th pick will be Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon Ducks. The Jets have never been able to solve the equation since Joe Namath. Mariota is the new age quarterback and wave of the future. The Jets need to use him as the starter, not as a package quarterback. If they are not sold on him, I expect them to trade down and pick up value.

AJ: I actually think Jim’s Steaks is better than both Geno’s or Pats…but I agree that Pat’s is better than Geno’s…

Anyway, on to pick 7 with the Chicago Bears. With the Raiders going off-script and picking a WR without the fastest 40 time, Da Buhrs will start building the 3-4 defense that the new coaching staff wants to install. Bears fans, be prepared to see this team draft a minimum of 2 linebackers every year as long as the 3-4 is in place.
The Ditkas will take edge rusher, and future Jay Cutler smoking buddy, Randy Gregory from Nebraska. Gregory’s stock has taken a hit with the positive marijuana test at the combine, but his talent and up-side make him a possible cornerstone for a rebuilding Chicago defense. Getting the edge rusher is critical to this scheme, and Gregory’s pass rush skills can be paired with the new coaching staff, and veterans Jared Allen and Parnell McPhee to help him with his technique deficiencies.
No Randy, this is how you do it…
The D: I don’t know about cheese steaks, but I do know I hate the Falcons who are up next. I see three areas where the Falcons are in need of help. They need a pass rusher on defense, a better pass-catching TE, and a running back. Honestly, to me, the running back situation is a very big issue. After cutting Jackson, will the Falcons really try to go into the season with the dynamic, um, I mean DOA, duo of Freeman and Rodgers? Absolutely not says Arthur Blank. The Falcons will reach and drafted Georgia RB Todd Gurley. The Falcons will get tons of good publicity for drafting the local kid and then tons of laughs for maybe reaching on the injured Gurley. However, I wouldn’t blame them for doing so in a division where having a good RB is a must.
 Daryl Karpinski Jr. with The Wrench, Matt, and AJ