Blog 4 Dat’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft, Part 2


In the last blog, myself, The Wrench, Matt and AJ broke down the first eight picks of the NFL Draft. We made our own mock draft and had some fun with it in the process. Now, with no further wait, we unleash the next eight picks, with all of us chiming in on our beloved New Orleans Saints. Enjoy!

Picks 1-8

Picks 17-24

Picks 25-32


The D: The D back again and the New York Football Giants are on the clock. Wait, they almost miss their pick after laughing their asses off at the Falcons. But they quickly jump to the stage with special guest Michael Strahan to announce their pick of Iowa OG Brandon Sch… Sch…Scherrrr……. Although it is still unsure if they drafted the right guy after Strahan had difficulty announcing his last name. NFL officials meet up and decide to let them redo the pick but Roger Goodell announces the pick of Brandon Scherff. There it is folks. The Falcons may have stretched their talons to the max on Gurley, but the Giants followed it up with a lame pick that they almost screwed up. While elsewhere in New York, Eli Manning is practicing a new interception face.

AJ: Pick 10 has the St. Louis Rams one-upping the great drafts of Matt Millen by drafting a 3rd wide receiver FROM THE SAME SCHOOL

Kevin White will join fellow Mountaineers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey in another shade of blue and gold in St. Louis. The difference is that, unlike Austin and Bailey, White actually has an unbelievable size/speed combo. White is a stout 6’3, 215, and combines that with a 4.35 40-time. He’s the type of receiver that could potentially round out this receiving corps of small speedsters. St. Louis has a litany of needs on offense, but White could provide playmaking on the outside to open things up for Tre Mason on the ground.
With the Jets taking Mariota, maybe Les Snead can work a trade to get Geno Smith in town to throw to his favorite receivers…can someone find Steve Slaton to bring him back from Canada, and let’s pull Rich Rodriguez from Arizona to run the offense. Sorry Frank Cig…whoever you are.

The Wrench: With the 11th pick , the Minnesota Vikings select Kevin Whit… oh son of a bitch! As the Vikings scramble to look at their depth chart, they notice they only have three wide receivers on their roster and no corner that can cover Megatron or the Great White Hope Jordy Nelson. What a shit show.

With 3 seconds left on the draft clock and a defensive minded coach Mike Zimmer, the Vikings select Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State. The Vikings will elect to go with a pu pu platter of wide receivers in a deep draft rather than reaching for a wide out right here. If not there, perhaps they go with value and Shane Ray.
AJ comments: Did they also realize that Kevin White had also just been selected by St. Louis? Silly Vikings
The D also chimes in: Breaking News: The Vikings just flew Waynes to Minnesota to show him where he will be playing ball at and then remembered they don’t have their own stadium right now. Then, Zimmer steps in to save the day and brings Waynes to the University of Minnesota to see their stadium since the Vikings are using that one for the moment. When Zimmer asks Waynes if he could imagine playing on this field, Waynes responded, ” I did coach. I played in the Big Ten with Minnesota. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to be traded you dumb fuck!”
The Wrench responds: Yes the Vikings noticed! I did not expect the god forsaken L.A. Rams to select a third Mountaineer. Stole my pick.

Matt: 12th pick Cleveland Browns

The Browns were hoping to swing a deal to draft QB Marcus Mariota, but after that failed to happen and Mariota was selected by the NY Jets, Cleveland chooses to plug a hole right in the middle of its defense by drafting Washington DT Danny Shelton. The Browns finished dead last in rush defense a year ago, and having to face youngsters Le’Veon Bell and Jeremy Hill is enough to make them select this draft’s best run stuffer. described Shelton as being “built like a Coke machine.” As an added benefit, the Browns will be hoping that he’s also built like a competitive eater, and that he literally eats second-year QB Johnny Manziel upon his arrival to the Dawg Pound.
The Wrench replies:  Hopefully for the Browns sake, he’s not a cocaine machine… you can easily get the two mixed up.
The D: The D’s pick for the Saints first first-round pick is DeVante Parker, WR from Louisville. The Saints traded away Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills and will be in need of a playmaker on offense. With the running game in good shape, Parker will be a nice fit along side Colston, Cooke, and TE Hill. I heard him described as possibly being this year’s Odell Beckham. Hell, if that’s true then sign me up now!

Matt: 13th pick New Orleans Saints

The Saints could go any number of directions with this pick, but it comes down to two players — G La’el Collins or OLB Bud Dupree. While Collins might be the safer pick, the Saints select super-athletic Dupree in hopes of bolstering their weak pass rush and overall defense. There is also more value at guard later in the draft compared to OLB, where value drops off dramatically after the top of the first round.
Dupree will add speed and versatility at the outside linebacker position and could free up Cam Jordan and Junior Gallette to more effectively rush the passer.
The Saints brass stated this offseason that their top priority is to improve its historically bad defense. Dupree helps to do that for years to come.
*Really wanted Trae Waynes, here.

The Wrench: Being that I was debating between Parker and Dupree, I’ll let the Saints Gods select…

“DaVante Parker is a mute point. I don’t know what kind of funny cigarettes you guys are smoking. With Daunte Stallpepper off the board, Bud Dee Dupree is the pick here.”
It’s a sign from the Saints’ Heaven.
AJ: I was thinking Dupree too…for 3-4 teams, when in doubt, take another linebacker!
NO Saints Final Decision: Bud Dupree
The Wrench: With the 14th Pick, the Miami Dolphins need to make a move to reload their offensive line. The will draft the versatile Guard/Tackle La’el Collins. With Ryan Tannehill looking over his shoulder and seeing his job potentially being taken by Josh Freeman… Let me correct this. With Joe Philbin wanting to keep his job, the coach calls for some protection for his only legitimate quarterback and the hopes that Collins with help boost the Dolphins running game with LAMAR MILLER.
Next pick, the…

Matt: 15th pick San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers front 7 on defense was ravaged injuri… errr … retirements this offseason, so they begin the rebuild by selecting Oregon DT Arik Armstead. New 49ers head coach might not specialize in interviews or press conferences, but he does specialize in coaching the D-Line, and in Armstead, he’s got a 6-7, 292-pound behemoth of a man to mold into the centerpiece of his defensive line in San Francisco.

AJ: At 16, the Texans go with Davante Parker, WR, Louisville. The guy who works for the Saints that tried to pick him at 13 pulls a Katrina and moves to Houston just in time to deliver the card for the Texans.

The loss of Andre Johnson leaves a hole in the receiving corps, and Parker’s style would compliment DeAndre Hopkins on the other side.
Thanks for reading and come back next week for the remainder of our mock draft!
Daryl Karpinski Jr. with The Wrench, Matt, and AJ