Blog 4 Dat’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft, Part 3



We are back here with the second half of the first round, looking at picks 17 through 24. The first half moved along pretty good and I am hoping that we are able to get the final few picks knocked out as our mock draft emails have slowed down to snail’s pace. But, we did get through 24 picks and I am proud to now present them to you. So without waiting another minute, here are picks 17-24 from me, The D, and friends The Wrench, Matt, and AJ.

Picks 1-8

Picks 9-16

Picks 25-32

The D: The San Diego Chargers are on the clock with the 17th pick of the NFL Draft and before Goodell steps up to the mic, Philip Rivers runs on stage. Oh no!


Rivers grabs the mic and hysterically laughs at the fans who thought that the Chargers would trade him to Tennessee to get Mariotta. Rivers was quoted as saying, “What the fuck were you all thinking? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It’s dumber than my bolo tie! I mean, come on, I’m Philip Fuckin’ Rivers!! I have a hot wife and seven fucking kids! The Chargers already asked for a load of my load to grow their own future players! They call it Jizzgate! Anyways, you dumb bastards, the Chargers are taking RB Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin to help me remain the best QB of a team that never improves!”
Wow! Rivers went a little crazy but he did turn in their pick. Gordon was a monster rusher last year at Wisconsin and finished the season with 2,587 yards, the second most in a single season in FBS history. The Chargers have Whitehead who is more of a receiving back, Oliver who is still unproven, and Donald Brown who is, well, Donald Brown. They need a reliable, number 1 RB and Gordon will be that man.

AJ: At 18, the Chefs take Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford.

Kansas City has focused on rebuilding it’s offensive line this offseason, and Peat is too high of a value not to take here. Their bigger need is at center, but I think they take the talented Peat, and roll the dice on finding a center later in the draft.

Matt: 19th pick Cleveland Browns

The Browns spent their first pick of the draft addressing the middle of their defense. With this pick, they’ll add speed on the outside of their offense, selecting UCF WR Breshad Perriman. The Browns signed WRs Dwayne Brown and Brian Hartline, but neither presents the type of gamebreaking ability that Perriman and his 4.24 speed present. He’ll obviously be used in a manner to replace suspended WR Josh Gordon.
Unfortunately for Cleveland, they’ve got nobody to throw him the ball.

The D: The Philadelphia Eagles are up next with the 20th pick and Chip Kelly has to make a decision. Does he find some obscure guy from Oregon or go with what he needs? I think he will finally show some sanity and select Arizona State WR Jaelen Strong. It may be a stretch to draft Strong in this spot but Chip Kelly has to do something crazy right? And with the best of the best WRs gone already and no proven WR on their roster, the Eagles had to address this. And if you can’t get an Oregon guy then at least go PAC-12 right?

But it still doesn’t matter because the Philly faithful will boo anyone!

The D: Things are moving along here as the Cincinnati Bengals are now up to select Florida OT D.J. Humphries.

When asked about their selection, head coach Marvin Lewis replied, “Well, Andrew (Whitworth) can’t play forever so Humphries will be groomed to supplant him on the line. But until then, we can see D.J. playing in another spot this year. We need to give Andy every chance to succeed and that starts with the line. If it works, then great. And if it doesn’t, well, we will probably still stick with the red rocket.”
Lewis later added, “And D.J. is a Gator so he has to have a pretty good criminal record right? We kinda have a thing for that here and we really whiffed on Josh Gordon a few years ago so we need to make up for that one!”

The Wrench:

Coming in with the 22nd pick, the Steel City selects Jalen Collins, CB, LSU. After losing half of their secondary to retirement this offseason, the Mike Tomlin’s will need to reload. They have a Super Bowl offense, now their defense needs to catch up. Collins brings in a nice frame and speed. He needs time on the field to improve his craft, but the physical tools are there.
Bonus: Jalen is from Olive Branch, Mississippi! Huge hurricane party town. Open your eyes people!
Matt: … (crickets)…
AJ: Has Detroit’s clock run out? The D: I’m pretty sure it is. The Wrench: Someone want to do it so we can move on?
The D: The Lions refused to make a pick as Matt was dead set on trying to trade away Calvin Johnson for nothing in return. However, The D is here to make the Lions pick for them and I am going with Malcolm Brown,; DT from Texas. The Lions lost two pass rushers in Suh and Fairley and need to attempt to replace them. Brown will not be able to replace both of those guys, but it is a start.
The D: Wow! What a fiasco! The old song came true as the Lions slept tonight on their draft pick. Thankfully, they have made their pick right before the clock ran out…on the first round. And now the Cardinals step up to the podium. They rush up to the mic and quickly announce that they are drafting QB Garrett Grayson from Colorado State with the 24th overall pick. What a shocker!

But is it really? Grayson’s stock has done nothing but rise during the offseason and the Cardinals NEED a quarterback, which is probably the understatement of the year. The Cards couldn’t keep a QB healthy in 2014 and eventually had to rely on R. Lindley in the end. That type of self-inflicted punishment last year made Arizona seriously look at the quarterbacks available after Winston and Mariota. And while they were pretty high on B. Petty, they went with Grayson mostly because of his familiarity with a pro-style offense. And also because Petty went to Baylor, the same place RGIII came from. And they wanted a good healthy QB. Not another oft-injured or bad QB.

Daryl Karpinski Jr., with The Wrench, Matt (kind of), and AJ