Movie Review: Contracted



Contracted is a movie that I watched last year and recently noticed it was available now on Netflix. I rewatched the movie, directed by Eric England (Madison County), and it still left me feeling icky. That proved to me that it was just as good as I had remembered and worthy of writing about.

The movie begins with a guy who has sex with a corpse in a morgue. Yep, that’s right. The guy had sex with a dead woman. And the dead body that he violates is shown to have a biohazard sign on her toe tag. After that sick and twisted opening, the movie then shifts to our main character Samantha (Najarra Townsend).

Samantha goes out to a party and attempts to contact her ex-girlfriend, Nikki, but doesn’t get through. Her friend begs her to forget Nikki and to get drunk and have a good time. Samantha takes her advise and does that, eventually meeting the guy from the beginning of the movie. They hook up and begin to have sex. Eventually Samantha asks him to stop but he doesn’t and continues on as she passes out.



As the movie progresses, Samantha’s body slowly starts to deteriorate. She has contracted an STD from the guy at the party and begins to physically fall apart. She also begins to break down mentally having issues with Nikki, her mother, and her friends. She visits a doctor who thinks she has rash and an infection, but it worsens to the point where she begins losing her nails, hair, and teeth.

Samantha stills keeps avoiding the obvious truth that something is seriously wrong and will not listen to anyone. She begins to go mad, eventually taking the lives of people close to her. She even attempts to have sex with a guy until he sees the extent of the rotting of her body.

After that, Samantha gets her car to flee the house and begins to fall out of consciousness. She gets into a car crash and when she does get out of the car, she is revealed to be fully transformed into a zombie. Her mother is at the scene of the accident and begs the police not to shoot her. But Samantha starts to go toward her mother as the screen fades to black and her mother’s screams are heard.

Contracted is definitely a movie not for everyone. I didn’t know if I could handle the movie once it started because I have a pretty weak stomach. But I made my way through the movie and I’m glad I did. Despite its gruesome subject matter and disturbing imagery, it is a well-made film that it is very good. The whole time I watched it I felt itchy and kept scratching my body. It’s one of those movies that makes you feel dirty when you watch it. And for that I think England did his job and made an excellent horror movie that is worth a view if you can handle the hideous and grim subject matter.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.