Movie Review: Exists



For many years, Bigfoot, or some version of the cryptozoic creature, has been a staple in films. The legendary Sasquatch creature has been portrayed as a bloodthirsty animal and also as a family-friendly “pet”. But Exists, directed by Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), will make people afraid of the creature once again.

Shot as a found footage film like The Blair Witch Project, Sanchez delivers a great film filled with tension, suspense, and horror. And while many people may think that found footage films are out of style, Sanchez proves that if done correctly, it can still be a valuable tool in movie-making. After all, Sanchez is the main director for bringing that style to the mainstream.

Using various handheld and Go Pro camera shots, Exists tells the story of five friends who are out to have a wild party. Two of the group, Brian and Matt, decide to use their uncle’s abandoned and secluded cabin in the woods. On their way to the cabin, they hit an animal in the road but continue on. What they did not realize however, is that Bigfoot also calls these Texas woods home and they just hit one of his own kind. Angered by this, Bigfoot goes after the group one by one and it is up to the group to try and survive the wrath of the angry Bigfoot.



Sanchez returns to the horror genre with one of the best monster horror movies to be released in a long time. After the initial success of The Blair Witch Project, Sanchez continued making movies but those movies never got that recognition again. But I believe that Exists could and should gain Sanchez the recognition he deserves. In a time when most monster movies are big budget and more dramatic than horrific, Exists brings the scares back to the monsters. Exists is definitely worth viewing and is surely to keep you entertained for the entire duration of the film.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.