Movie Review: In Fear



After watching Honeymoon, I decided to revisit another lesser-known horror film that I had watched last year, In Fear, and enjoyed just as much. In Fear was released in 2013 and stars Iain De Caestecker (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures) as Tom and Lucy, a couple that had just begun dating but took a road trip to meet up with some other friends to go to a festival. The movie starts off normal with the two enjoying their trip. They stop at a pub to have a drink but leave quickly when Tom gets into a confrontation with some locals.

They continue on when Tom admits they no one else is meeting them and he just wanted to get away with her. He booked them a room at the Kilairney House Hotel, a secluded hotel that is hidden away in the countryside. They arrive at the backroads and have to follow a series of signs to get to the hotel. But despite following all of the signs, they end up driving around in circles. Things start to get strange as Lucy spots a man in a mask and feels someone grab at her in the woods.

They keep driving along when Tom clips a man on the road. They pick up the guy who tells them that his name is Max and he is being chased by the same people that are messing with them. However, Max turns out to be the attacking them and a confrontation ensues between Max and Tom. Eventually, Max kills Tom but Lucy escapes and makes her way to the hotel. But when she gets there, she realizes that the hotel is abandoned and there is a bunch of derelic cars, signaling that they were not the only victims.



Lucy finally escapes the maze of roads that led to the hotel and gets back to the main road. She drives down the main road only to eventually see Max once again. He is holding his arm out like a hitchhiker but Licy accelerates and heads toward Max as the movie ends.

In Fear was written and directed by Jeremy Lovering. Lovering has directed a few independent films but was nominated for a British Independent Film Award for In Fear. This movie was exceptionally well done and was a haunting and thrilling ride. It kept me on the edge of my seat and was all done with only three main actors and a well-written story. It drives home the fear of being secluded and definitely will make you think twice about taking the backroads on your next trip.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.