Movie Review: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones



I was very hesitant to watch this fifth entry in the Parnormal Activity series. I mean, let’s face it. While the original film was great and original, the sequels gradually declined and I was left with the feeling that the series had just as soon be left for dead. But I noticed that Netflix added The Marked Ones so I decided to give a shot. Hell, what else was I going to do on a freezing cold evening!

This entry changes the setting from the first four films and focuses on Jesse, a recent high school graduate and his family who live in an apartment complex in California. One of Jesse’s neighbors, whom they think is a witch, is killed by Oscar, another recent graduate.

Afterwards, Jesse and his friend Hector decide to investigate his neighbors apartment and the next morning, Jesse wakes up with a strange bite mark on his arm. After this, Jesse begins to exhibit strange behavior that only gets worse as the days pass by. He begins acting violently toward his family and anyone else and attempts to help him fail. Eventually, he is kidnapped by a group of witches that are believed to be responsible for Oscar’s strange behavior.



Hector and Marisol, another friend, decide they need to try to save Jesse from these women and ask Oscar’s brother, Arturo, for help. The three of them with Arturo’s friend go to the witches house and search for Jesse. They are attacked by the women and get separated. Then, all hell breaks loose as Arturo and his friend get killed as Hector and Marisol lock themselves inside. Marisol soon disappears and then gets killed and Hector is left alone.

Hector scampers throughout the house and runs away from Jesse and some of the women. He goes through one door and ends up in Katie and Micah’s house. He asks Katie for help but is attacked by Micah, then Micah is killed by Katie. Hector tries to escape again but is attacked and killed by Jesse, who looks like a demon. Then, the camera is turned off by one of the witches as the movie ends.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this entry in the series. The change of setting was refreshing and made The Marked Ones feel like a whole new start for the franchise. It may not have had the originality of the first film or some of the scares from the the others, but the setting and the story seemed fresh and was a welcomed change to a fading series.

The movie has not gotten a lot of positive reviews and that was what made me hold off from watching this movie. But I was pleasantly surprised and glad I took the time to give this movie a chance. It was worth it. So, if you are like me and just judged this film by the reviews it received, go ahead and give it a shot. It is not the best, but it is worth the time. And don’t wait too long as Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the sixth installment in the series, is set to be released this year.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.