Movie Review: The ABC’s of Death 2



The ABCs of Death 2 is the sequel to the 2012 original. It follows the same pattern as its predecessor with 26 segments each representing a letter of the alphabet and each made by a different director. The sequel also mixes horror and comedy and features various styles and languages.

I personally enjoyed The ABCs of Death 2 better than the original. I thought the sequel featured less of the goofy segments and more straight-forward horror. There were only about three or four shorts that I didn’t care for. G for Grandad was probably the most weird to watch and Z for zygote was strange also.

But there were plenty that were excellent, starting with the first three segments. A is for amateur is about an amateur hitman and his failed plan. B is for badger evokes classic monster movies with a giant, killer badger attacking a documentary team. And capital punishment is the C segment and is about a man who is set to be killed for a crime he didn’t commit.



Other good segments are F, J, K, M, N, Q, R, U, and Y. My absolute favorite is probably J for Jesus in which a man is martyred for being homosexual. I also really enjoyed R is for roulette which is about three people playing the title game.

But the sequel does feature some odd segments like T is for Torture Porn. The segment was directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska, who I really like, but features a woman who wields tentacles from her vagina. And I is for invincible tells the old story of a family trying to kill the matriarch but I thought it went a little crazy.

But despite a few disappointing segments, The ABCs of Death 2 is a good film overall. I thought it was a step above the first film and showed the talent from directors all around the world. Movies like this make me hopeful for a future with more original horror films and a little less reboots. There is no word on whether another sequel will be made, but if there is, they will have to step up their game to surpass this anthology.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.