Movie Review: The Interview



No movie in recent memory has created as much controversy as The Interview. So when I saw that it was available On Demand, I just had to check it out and see what all the international threats were all about. I mean, how could a movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco create such a stir?

Well, after watching the film, I still don’t see what made Kim Jong-un want to go and hack Sony! Yes, the movie does revolve around two guys sent to North Korea to assassinate the infamous leader, but it’s funny as hell. If I was him, I’d be more upset that they didn’t at least send Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis.



The movie is exactly what you would expect from the people that gave us Neighbors and This is the End. It is a twisted, dark comedy that has its moments of comedic brilliance but also some slightly serious moments of cultural commentary.

Rogen plays Aaron Rapoport, a TV executive that oversees Dave Skylark’s (Franco) talk show. After realizing that he is wasting time with this TMZ-style show, Rapoport wants to get serious news interviews or he will have to move on. Skylark realizes that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show and he could be the one man to get an interview with him.

The interview is granted but before they can leave for North Korea, Rapoport and Skylark are taken in by the CIA and given orders to assassinate Jong-un. They arrive in North Korea and meet with the leader but decide that they cannot go through with the plan and decide not to kill him. That is until they learn more about the truth of the nation and now have to decide how they will go through with their plan.



I thought the movie was excellently done and moved along very well. Rogen and Franco are once again at their best and Randall Park is great in the role of Kim Jong-un. The Skylark character’s interviews with Eminem and Rob Lowe start the movie off with laughs that lead into the plot setup. It was a well done film overall and if you were a fan of This is the End than you will enjoy The Interview. Just remember though North Korea. It is a movie with the guys from Knocked Up and Spring Breakers! That’s it.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.