Movie Review: The Stuff


I’m sure that if you had any interest in seeing this movie, you would have done so by now. But I want to get share my thoughts on new and old movies alike. And that is why I am writing this review on one of my favorite cheesy B-movies of all-time, The Stuff.

As any horror fan knows, this genre releases some of the craziest and strangest movies than any other. And this movie is no exception. As a matter of fact, it is the defintion of campiness. But it is also a very good movie that will take you back to a time in movie history that was fun and will likely never be repeated again. In other words, if you used to like roaming the aisles of the local video store and renting movies based on cover art, then this movie will bring back those fond memories.



The Stuff was released in 1985 during the mist of the slasher craze. But while Jason, Freddy, and others hacked and slashed their victims, The Stuff offered up something totally different. The movie was based around a yogurt-like substance that a man finds bubbling out of the ground. He realizes that it tastes good and is addictive and soon grocery stores are stocked up with “The Stuff”. This new product is hurting the ice cream business and they want to know what this new dessert is made from.

After an agent hired by the ice cream industry realizes that “The Stuff” is actually a parasitic organism that kills those that eat it, he joins up with others to try to destroy the product before it kills everyone. They blow up a mine that contains the substance but learn that the parasite seeps out of the ground from many other areas. They also learn that the ice cream industry is now working with the owners of “The Stuff” and have created an ice cream mixture called “The Taste”. But they get the owners to eat their own product, killing them. However, it is still not over as “The Stuff” is now selling on the black market.



Before scaring audiences with It’s Alive, director Larry Cohen directed this low-budget horror film that was given a limited theatrical release but found a cult following later on home video. Just as with many other horror films, The Stuff hits on social commentaries dealing with America’s ignorance to what we are putting in our bodies and what we spend our money on. But while Cohen lays these topics out ther, it’s not overbearing and preachy. It is a fun movie that horror fans will enjoy. And will make everyone check the ingredients on their food labels!

Daryl Karpinski Jr.