Movie Review: Zombeavers

That’s right. It’s a movie with beavers that are, wait for it…, turned into zombies. Zombeavers is a 2014 horror comedy written by Al Kaplan, Jordan Rubin (also directed), and Jon Kaplan. And while I am sure most people who look at this and just shake their head, this is the kind of movie that I always, always watch. Some are terrible and some are good. But I am usually always entertained and that’s all I want.

Zombeavers opens with a couple of dim-witted truck drivers who hit a deer and lose a barrel of some bio-hazardous substance in the process. The barrel flows down the river and stops next to a beaver dam, where it begins to leak all over. The movie then cuts to three girls, Mary, Zoe, and Jenn, as they are driving out to a secluded cabin for a weekend getaway together. They spend a little time out by the lake and then head back to the cabin to call it a day.

But unbeknownst to Mary and Jenn, Zoe had invited their boyfriends out there and Mary doesn’t approve. Jenn’s boyfriend had recently cheated on her and she wasn’t thrilled to see him. But Jenn goes along with it and the guys join the girls in the cabin. But Jenn soon sees a rabid beaver in the shower that spooks the group. They manage to kill it and go to sleep.

The group goes out to the lake the next day when one of the guys is attacked and has his leg chewed off. They hurry back to the raft and get out of the water. Once back in the cabin, they try to barricade themselves in but the Zombeavers are all over. Some try to escape for help with luck. The others that stay in the cabin aren’t so lucky either. But the group fights to stay alive and stay human as well.

Zombeavers is not a great movie by any means. But it is an entertaining, fun, gory ride that does exactly what it set out to do. Everything about the movie is over the top and that’s exactly what I wanted. So the only way I can put it is that if you were ever a fan of the R-rated comedies or the ridiculous killer-animal horror films, then you will probably enjoy Zombeavers. If you were that guy like me who searched shelves upon shelves of VHS tapes at the rental store looking for good looking boxes, then this is for you.

But if you shake your head at the name of this film and laugh at the absurdity, then this movie is definitely not for you!

Daryl Karpinski Jr.