Selected Filmography: Ben Affleck

Fans around the globe are eagerly anticipating next year’s blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And as more news about the movie circulates, the anticipation grows. But one of the biggest questions surrounding the movie is not about the plot, but how Ben Affleck will do under the cowl as Batman.

Personally, I think he will do just fine. After watching the teaser recently, I like was I see so far. I think it will be great all around. But, before the monumental DC Comics film can be added to Affleck’s list of good movies, here are my top 10 choices from his filmography.

10. Changing Lanes (2002) – I think this movie is highly underrated and Affleck shines alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

9. TIE Reindeer Games (2000) & Phantoms (1998) – I couldn’t choose one so I listed them both. These were two earlier movies that aren’t great, but are just fun to watch.

8. Hollywoodland (2006) – Another movie that I thought was underrated. Ben Affleck did a solid job portraying TV’s Superman, George Reeves, and his mysterious death.

7. Gone Girl (2014) – Ben Affleck’s latest film is a solid, dramatic movie that displays the actor’s staying power.

6. Armageddon (1998) – The blockbuster Michael Bay film had a young Affleck in a major role next to veteran great Bruce Willis. Great formula for success.

5. Dogma (1999) – A few of Affleck’s greatest performances have come from Kevin Smith movies, including his role as Bartelby in Dogma. His portrayal of an angel going up against God was great and made this movie one of my all-time favorites.

4. Pearl Harbor (2001) – The epic movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor was great and Affleck was great along with Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett.

3. The Town (2010) – This gritty crime thriller was wonderful and Affleck was in one of his best roles as Doug MacRay, a bank robber looking to get out of his criminal activities.

2. Chasing Amy (1997) – I know many may disagree with this ranking for this movie, but I love Affleck’s performance as Holden McNeil, a man who falls for the wrong girl and learns about love the hard way. His performance along with the other actors and the story itself made this a great overall film.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997) – While Matt Damon and Robin Williams had bigger roles, Affleck also starred in this film as Chuckie. And while his role wasn’t that big, he did also co-write one of the best movies there has been in my lifetime. How could I not put it at the top spot? It’s just too good!

Daryl Karpinski Jr.