Six Films for Horror Fans to see at Christmas Time



While Christmas time is usually filled with joy and cheer, horror fans still like to have their fill of blood and mayhem. Being a horror fan myself, I always try to find time to watch a good horror movie along with other Christmas classics like Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and Scrooged. And I’m not talking about having to sit through those horrid Lifetime Christmas movies either. So, if you are like me, here is a list of six films that will satisfy your need for horror.




I’ll begin the list with the least bloody film I recommend but still, in my opinion, a horror movie. The movie tells the simply story that everyone has been taught and that is just to follow the rules! When a boy gets a strange little critter, he has three simple rules to follow and, of course, he fails to do that which unleashes a craze on the town. This movie was followed up by Gremlins 2 which is also a fun film so do yourself a favor and make it a double feature night with these family-friendly horror classics.




Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton tearjerker, this Jack Frost is an insanely, hilarious camp horror film that does not try to be more than what is it. In Jack Frost, a serial killer is killed but his body is mixed with chemicals and snow and poof, the killer snowman is born. Mix that in with said snowman raping a then unknown Shannon Elizabeth and you have a holiday camp classic that true horror fans can at least enjoy once. The cult classic was followed up four years later by Jack Frost2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman.

3. Tales from the Crypt (1972)



While most people are more familiar with the HBO series, this British film was the first to adapt the EC Comics stories for the screen. In this anthology movie, one of the stories told is titled “…And All Through The House” and it tells the story of a woman who murders her husband on Christmas Eve and before she can clean up her mess, she has to deal with a homicidal maniac that is dressed as Santa Claus. This story was also done in the first season of the HBO series so whichever one you get your hands on is worth the view.

4. Child’s Play



All parents have had the same problem as the leading lady has in this movie. Trying to find that one gift that your child must have can be murder. Especially when that gift just happens to be possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. Child’s Play was followed by a slew of sequels but the original is the only one with a Christmas time feel to it.

5. Silent Night, Deadly Night



A young boy witnesses his parents getting murdered by a man dressed as Santa Claus then spends his youth in an orphanage with an abusive Mother Superior. This leads to him donning the Santa costume to punish the “naughty”. The controversial 1984 film was followed by 4 sequels and a remake that are worth a view, but are not as good as the original cult classic.




Directed by Bob Clark, the same man responsible for the classic A Christmas Story, is also responsible for this early slasher flick. The movie follows a group of sorority sisters that are terrorized by a stranger on Christmas break. This film is the pre-cursor to the slasher films of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and is a must see for horror fans. A remake was released in 2006 that had it’s moments, but fails in comparison to the original.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.