WWE Money in the Bank Predictions



This Sunday is WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV, live from Columbus, Ohio. As if the state of Ohio isn’t going crazy enough with the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, they now get what is typically one of the best PPVs of the year. The ladder match for the Money in the Bank briefcase is always entertaining and this year we have a few other matches on the card that should be very good.

1. Pre-Show Singles Match: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

This seems like a match just to get these guys onto the card. R-Truth came out on this past Monday’s RAW and cut a hilarious promo where he thought he was in the Money in the Bank match, only to be corrected by Kane. But that is all he has done since being in the Intercontinental Championship match at Wrestlemania 31. King Barrett recently won the King of the Ring moniker, but hasn’t really done anything since either. I don’t know what the plans are for either guy here, but I have a good feeling Barrett will pick up the win because R-Truth, well, just never seems to get anything. Winner: King Barrett

2. Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Ryback (C) vs. Big Show

It always seems as though when the WWE puts a title on someone new, they pull out Big Show, Kane, or Mark Henry to pair up with the new champion and seemingly test their worth as a champion. And after winning his first WWE championship, Ryback was immediately put into a feud with Big Show. I don’t expect a lot here. Ryback has looked good lately and should look good here too. Although I get tired of seeing Big Show all the time, the veteran will should help Ryback to get over even more. Winner: Ryback

3. Singles Match for the Divas Championship: Nikki Bella (C) vs. Paige

I’m not too sure what has been going with the Divas division lately, but I don’t believe the WWE does either. I am getting tired of the same Divas repeatedly in these matches. And I like Paige a lot, but it is just too much of the same thing. And I have had almost all I can take of Naomi and both Bella sisters. They really need to either use more Divas from here on out or call up a few from NXT. I think they need to do that anyways, but please just give us something different in a Divas PPV match for once! And maybe they will by switching the title. Winner: Paige

4. Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day (C) vs. The Prime Time Players

This is where I start to get excited for the show. The New Day has been one of the greatest things recently about watching RAW. They are very entertaining and fresh. Big E and Xavier Woods will be working this match against two other very entertaining guys in Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players. I think this should be a great match with some good promos cut before the bell rings. I believe it will go back and forth and just when you think the Prime Time Players will win, The New Day will somehow hold onto the titles. Winners: The New Day

5. Singles Match: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

The most shocking match probably since Brock Lesnar dominated Cena at Summerslam last year was the first meeting between these two at Elimination Chamber. I knew it could be a very good match, but I never expected Owens to have his hand raised at the end. But I give WWE a lot of credit for that and it has paid off. Owens, the NXT Champion, has been great on RAW and I can’t wait to see how this match turns out. I still have doubts that Owens will win again, so I am going to take the safe bet. Winner: John Cena

6. Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contract: Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Kane

Let’s start by looking at the competitors in this match. First, there is Ziggler, the guy who is in some of the biggest matches year round, but barely ever gets the big win. Neville, the man of a thousand nicknames, is a great young talent and he should have plenty of opportunities to showcase his athleticism, but that is it for now. Reigns is the chosen one but I’m still not sure they are ready to give him the big push again. Orton is the veteran that is always around a title opportunity, and deservedly so. Kingston is like Neville. A great athlete would will do amazing things in this match. But he has just been doing it way longer. Sheamus returned as an ass-kicking Irishman looking to brawl but has looked more like a cowardly heel. And then there is Kane, the old reliable who, as I said earlier, always seems to be around to keep things flowing right with the younger guys. With all that said, I’m still lost as to who will get the briefcase. So, in heel fashion, I’m cheating and picking two. I’m going to go with Reigns as the most likely to win, but I have a feeling about Kingston. I can see him winning and giving The New Day another layer of heat from the fans. Most Probable Winner: Roman Reigns, Dark Horse Winner: Kofi Kingston

7. Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (C) vs. Dean Ambrose

This should turn out to be one of the best ladder matches in WWE history. Both Rollins and Ambrose are excellent in the ring and take risks that should give the fans a hell of a show. As for the build up to this match, I’m not too thrilled about that. Since winning the title, Rollins has yet to be booked to look like a credible champion. Honestly, I can’t think of a match he was in that didn’t have any interference. And Ambrose seems to get a push only for it to be stopped all the time. I think he could work as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and I’m picking him to win for two reasons. First because I think it would be good to move the belt and give someone else a run with it. And secondly because if Ambrose loses, I’m afraid he will get lost in the shuffle once again. Winner: Dean Ambrose.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.