Movie Review: Bayou Blue


Bayou Blue is a 2011 documentary directed by Alix Lambert and David McMahon that focuses on Ronald Dominique, a serial killer that that took the lives of at least 23 men in South Louisiana. From 1997 to 2006, Dominique raped and took the lives of nearly two dozen men whose families have had to deal with the lose of their loved ones. Being from Houma, LA, a small town that was affected by Dominique’s killing spree, I know that the families here are close knit and this was a shock to all of those in the area. Dominique was finally apprehended and sentenced with consecutive life sentences that he is serving in Angola State Penitentiary.

The documentary was very well-made and explores how this serial killer affected the lives of the communities in southern Louisiana and the police forces that had to attempt to solve the crimes. Serial killers are a rare thing anywhere, but especially in this area. And let’s not forget that this took cooperation from a few police departments and the investigation lingered on through Hurricane Katrina.

Lambert and McMahon did a great job making a good film that most people outside of this region may have never heard much about. The film moved smoothly and covered about everything imaginable. The many interviews helped to tell the many different sides of the story. Whether it was interviews with police, family members, or even audio cuts of Dominique himself, Bayou Blue told the whole story of a horrific crime spree that shocked a community.

With these interviews and the unmistakable scenery that is South Louisiana, this film is a must-see for anyone with an interest in true crime stories. I was attracted because it was something that happened right where I live and I really didn’t know all that much about it. But even if you are not from the area, it is a great documentary about a dark and horrific, but compelling story.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.