The Horror Heavyweight Championship: Part 2

horror heavyweight championship 2



Freddy KruegerThe Dream Master


We return this week with part 2 in the history of the Horror Heavyweight Championship. When we left you, Freddy Krueger had just won the title from Jason Voorhees in 1984. This would be the first time two of horror’s biggest icons would meet. But as we will see in this part of the blog and future parts, it certainly wasn’t the last meeting. As a matter of fact, Freddy would have to face Jason in a return match very early in 1985. Or would he?



After losing the Horror Heavyweight Championship in November of 1984, Commissioner Craven received word that Jason Voorhees wanted to use his rematch clause so he set up a rematch to take place on March 22, 1985. The champion showed up and was cockier than ever. He talked trash about his opponent all the way to the ring. And then the challenger arrived. But Freddy noticed something different about Jason. He didn’t have the same killer instinct that he had before. And his mask was a little different. Freddy knew something was not right, so he took the action to Jason and beat him easily, and rubbing it in the whole time. After the match ended, Freddy removed Jason’s mask and everyone was shocked to discover that Jason was in fact a man named Roy, an EMT whose son was murdered at the Pinehurst halfway house. Apparently Roy had decided to impersonate Jason Voorhees seek revenge for his son’s death and then thought he could win the championship from Krueger. But before Krueger could leave the arena, he received word from the commissioner that the real Jason Voorhees would get his rematch the next year and it would be in a dreaded casket match.



And so it was set. On August 1, 1986, “The Springwood Slasher” arrived at Camp Crystal Lake and awaited the return of Jason Voorhees. The lights around the cabins all went dim as a casket rolled to the ring. Lightning snapped down from the sky and struck the casket. Freddy looked around and sarcastically acted as if he were afraid. Then, the lid of the coffin popped open and Jason, who was laying in the coffin, opened his eyes and sat up. He grabbed his trademark hockey mask and stepped out of the casket and into the ring. The crowd was going wild as the two adversaries locked up. They battled back and forth and for a brief moment, it looked like a new champion would be crowned. Jason had Freddy set up for his new finisher, the “Machete’s Edge”, but Freddy distracted Jason when he sliced his own finger off and the blood squirted right in Jason’s eye. This helped Freddy to slip out of the move and get Jason into the “Krueger Sleeper Hold” for the win.



Commissioner Craven was not too thrilled with Krueger’s antics in the match against Voorhees, so he made the decision to have Freddy defend his title again before the end of 1986 against an opponent TBA. So, Freddy arrived at the Dream World arena, ready to defend his title in November of 1986 when he heard the buzz of a chainsaw coming from the backstage area. He looked down the aisle and saw that Leatherface had returned. It had been years since his last appearance, but Leatherface looked as menacing as ever. He walked to the ring accompanied by his manager Chop Top. He got in the ring and immediately went after Freddy. He put up a good fight, but it was clear that this was not the same Leatherface we had seen before. He slipped up when Chop Top tried to get involved and Freddy took advantage of his error and got the win.



Freddy’s next opponent was an unknown that came from a realm that no one ever spoke of. But none of this bothered the champion and he accepted the match against the man that was known as Pinhead. The match took place on September 18, 1987 in the realm of the Cenobites. Freddy took on Pinhead in what would become an all-time classic. The two villains waged war on each other for about 40 minutes until the one big mistake was made. Pinhead had dealt with Freddy’s jokes for the entire match. So did the Cenobites that accompanied Pinhead to the ring. But it soon became too much for Pinhead and he suspended Freddy’s body with hooks and chains that seemingly came from nowhere. He left Freddy hanging there for a moment and then released him and sent Freddy down to the mat with the “Jesus Wept”, his version of the powerbomb finishing move. He covered Freddy for the win and a new champion was crowned.

Freddy Krueger’s Championship Reign: 2 years, 10 months, 2 days


Pinhead The Champion of Pleasure and Pain

Pinhead came into his match with Freddy Krueger as a relative unknown but left it as the new Horror Heavyweight champion and an icon in the horror world. He was unique, had a different look, and seemed destined to be on top for a while. However, Pinhead would face only one challenger of note in his reign and that challenger was determined to make his way back up to the top of the mountain.


On May 13, 1988, Pinhead would face a returning Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake. It appeared as though Jason had been preparing strongly for this opportunity as he looked much bigger and stronger than he ever had before. The two icons battled throughout the campgrounds, barely staying in the ring. Jason and Pinhead demolished cabins, houses, piers, and everything in their way in this fight. And despite his disadvantage in size, Pinhead dominated for most of this match and looked like he was going to win when he hit Jason with the “pin-head butt”, his set-up move before the “Jesus Wept” powerbomb. But when he did that, he broke Jason’s mask completely off, angering him. Jason made a huge comeback at this point and eventually finished Pinhead off with the “Machete’s Edge” and won the championship for the second time.

Pinhead’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 7 months, 25 days


Jason Voorhees The Second Reign


After much debate about whether Jason could ever win the championship again, he returned and hushed all of the doubters. He ended Pinhead’s championship reign rather quickly and looked forward to new challengers. But, Jason’s first challenger wouldn’t be a new one at all. As a matter of fact, it would be his oldest and toughest rival, Freddy Krueger.


Freddy showed up after a little time and was ready to not only beat Jason, but embarrass him in the process. Since he last appeared in a championship match, Freddy had become more of a prankster and this may have hurt him in the long run. In this match, held in 1988, Freddy talked too much and didn’t do enough fighting as Jason won pretty easily. But Freddy vowed to return and get revenge, setting up another fight between the two in the future.



Jason’s next title defense was on October 21, 1988 against the returning Michael Myers. Some people had thought Myers was done after his first run and looked to get rid of the horror icon. But the villain’s fans demanded that Myers be brought back and the right people listened. The match took place in Myers’ hometown of Haddonfield, IL and Jason looked ready for a big fight. In his first championship reign, Jason lost his focus and it cost him the title. But this time, he took the fight right to Michael. The two battled back and forth and it looked as though we may have a draw at one moment. But neither man would stay down and each of them took the other’s best shots. The ending saw Jason go for his finisher only to have Myers reverse the move and put Jason in the “Pumpkin Smasher” finisher and get the win. Many critics questioned Jason’s desire after this match, but it was clear that Jason gave it his all. It just so happened that Michael Myers was the better man on this day.

Jason Voorhees’ Championship Reign: 0 years, 5 months, 8 days


Michael Myers The Champion from Haddonfield


Myers held the title before for over 3 years, but this wasn’t the same Michael Myers. This man was a shell of what he was before. He just happened to get the better of Jason in their match and prevail on that night. But people didn’t expect his reign to last long and it didn’t. Especially when his first title defense was announced and it would be a rematch against Jason Voorhees.



The rematch was set for July 28, 1989 at Camp Crystal Lake. Even though he was the champion, Michael Myers entered the match as the underdog as people thought he had just gotten lucky when he beat Jason for the title. And he fought like the underdog. He gave everything he had, but was no match for the stronger and more determined Jason Voorhees. The match was rather quick and Jason won after he hit his finisher and pinned the champion. After the match was over, Jason glanced around Camp Crystal Lake and then jumped aboard a boat that was headed to New York City. The new champ was heading to the Big Apple.

Michael Myers’ Championship Reign: 0 years, 9 months, 7 days


Jason Voorhees Third Times a Charm


Jason Voorhees won the Horror Heavyweight Championship for the third time and established himself as one of the all-time greats in the horror world. But after his second title reign lasted just over 5 months, he was determined to keep the title longer this time around and he did just that. But competition for the title was also not as tough as the challengers were not as fierce as they once were. But when he did lose the title, it was a shock to all.



The fifth installment of this rivalry took place on August 11, 1989 in Freddy’s Dream World. This was another letdown as “The Dream Master” became a comedic sideshow rather than a serious threat to the champion. Freddy did everything in his power to keep the big man down, but Jason would not lie down and kept fighting back. Eventually, Freddy wore down and Jason used his sheer power to finish off Freddy once again. It was a sad day to see the once dominant and frightening Freddy Krueger turn into nothing more than a stand-up comedian.


Jason’s next title defense was against the returning Leatherface. The cannibalistic killer had returned back home to Texas after his last unsuccessful title opportunity and was reported training hard for this title shot. But when he arrived at Camp Crystal Lake in 1990, he looked like a shell of the killer that he once was. Fans around the world almost felt sorry for the way Leatherface looked. His opponent, however, had no such sympathy. Jason began beating Leatherface as soon as the bell rang and stalked the adversary until finally hitting him with the “Machete’s Edge” finisher after a lengthy one-sided fight.



People were shocked when Commissioner Craven announced that Jason’s next opponent would be Frankenhooker. Sure, the horror world was in a slump. But was it so bad that a decapitated head attached to the body parts of Manhattan hookers was next in line for a title shot? Apparently it was as Craven stood by his decision and set the match that was billed as “The Manhattan Massacre”  for June 1, 1990. Frankenhooker was completely undersized and went into the match as a huge underdog, but put up a valiant effort. She used her knowledge of Jason’s mommy issues to confuse the champ momentarily, but he eventually recovered and won the fight after dismembering the challenger and leaving her in a pile of pieces in the middle of Times Square.


After his decision to give Frankenhooker a title shot, Commissioner Craven was suspended for one year and replaced by interim commissioner Clive Barker. And on his first day on the job, Commissioner Barker made a bold move and gave Chucky, aka Charles Lee Ray, a title shot against Jason on November 9, 1990. The move was controversial as Ray’s spirit was trapped in the Good Guys doll and some people believed that was against the rules. But Barker said that Chucky was possessed by a human soul and therefore was a legal challenger. Chucky had also racked up numerous wins since debuting and was deserving of a title shot. Jason accepted the fight and showed up at Camp Crystal Lake as the huge favorite. But Chucky surprised everyone by sneaking up behind Jason and going after the big man’s legs. He got Jason down and hit him repeatedly until Jason was able to rebound and get in some offense. The two went back and forth and it appeared as if Jason was going to successfully retain his title when Chucky climbed up Jason and stabbed the champ right in his eye. Jason fell to the mat and Chucky climbed on him for the pin. The referee counted to three and Chucky had won the match. The only issue was that Jason had actually got his leg on the ring ropes and the three-count should not have counted. But the referee did not see that and awarded Chucky the match and the Horror Heavyweight Championship.

Jason Voorhees’ Championship Reign: 1 year, 3 months, 12 days


Chucky The Underdog Champion

Chucky shocked the horror world by beating Jason Voorhees and winning the Horror Heavyweight Championship. Although he won the match under a veil of controversy, Chucky was now the champ and was ready to take on any challengers. He was set to take on Freddy Krueger in 1991 but Krueger no-showed the event and Chucky had to wait until the following year to have his first title defense.


In his first title defense, Chucky took on a returning Pinhead on September 11, 1992 in the Good Guys Toy Factory arena. Despite being the champion, Chucky was still the underdog and asked Commissioner Barker if he could have an “Anything Goes” match and Barker accepted the stipulation. Pinhead arrived at the toy factory and waited for Chucky to show up when all of a sudden Chucky jumped out of a toy package and attacked the challenger. The two villains battled all through the factory and it was a back and forth match until Pinhead used his Cenobites to attack Chucky and together they dismembered the doll. It appeared to everyone that Pinhead would be crowned the new champion until Chucky rolled through a vat of hot plastic and reassembled himself and hit an unaware Pinhead with a hammer. With the challenger down, Chucky hit Pinhead with the “Last Laugh” finisher and won, retaining his title. After the match, Chucky attacked Commissioner Barker and accused him of favoritism by putting Pinhead in a title match. Barker was sent to the hospital, but promised to make Chucky pay for what he did to him.



And Barker did get his revenge when he announced that Chucky would have to defend his championship in a triple-threat match on October 23, 1992 against Doctor Evan Rendell Jr., aka Dr. Giggles and Barker’s newest hired villain, Candyman. Dr. Giggles was a new villain on the scene and accepted the offer after Barker set the match at the Moorehigh mental asylum, his hometown arena. Barker then added Candyman to make it even harder for Chucky to walk out of the match as champion. This infuriated the champ as he knew that he didn’t have to get pinned to lose his title. Candyman and Dr. Giggles waited for Chucky to arrive and, just like in his match against Pinhead, Chucky surprised them by coming up from under the ring and getting the early advantage. Dr. Giggles eventually ran off and left Candyman to deal with the champion alone. Candyman did turn the tide to his advantage and began to get the upper hand. And just when it looked as though Candyman was going to get the win, Dr. Giggles arrived and teamed up with Chucky to attack the challenger. But Candyman fought off Chucky and knocked him outside of the ring. He then turned to Dr. Giggles and hit his finisher, the “Hook body drop”, and covered him for the win. Chucky was furious that he lost his title without getting pinned and charged at Candyman but fell victim to the “Hook body drop” as well. Candyman then opened his coat as thousands of bees flew out and he held the Horror Heavywght Championship high in the air.

Chucky’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 11 months, 14 days


Please check back next week as we get into part 3 of the Horror Heavyweight Championship and dig into the reign of Candyman. We also see some old favorites return and witness the rise of a new generation of horror villains. And once again, thanks for reading.


Daryl Karpinski Jr.