The Horror Heavyweight Championship: Part 3

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As we ended part 2, Chucky had just lost his title to Candyman in a triple-threat match that also included the unstable Dr. Giggles. Now the Horror Heavyweight Champion, Candyman was ready to start his title defense and hopefully have a long, and deadly, reign.


Candyman The Champion from Cabrini Green

Candyman’s reign began amidst a cloud of controversy. Commissioner Barker was accused of showing favoritism because he gave title matches to Pinhead and Candyman but before any action could be taken, Wes Craven returned from suspension and resumed the role of commissioner. He gave Chucky a rematch against Candyman but Chucky no-showed the event and was never heard from again. Another pint-sized villain, Leprechaun, thought he should have had a title match, but was looked over at first. he would later have a shot at the championship, but not before others.


The first big challenger for Candyman was Evil Ash, the leader of the Army of Darkness. The match was held on February 19, 1993 in the Cabrini Green housing project. The match went back and forth with each villain getting in some punishing moves. Evil Ash appeared to gain an advantage at the end of the match when he began to wear Candyman down with the “Deadite Choke Hold” submission hold. But, in a last ditch effort, Candyman pushed himself and Evil Ash through a wall and somehow the two ended up traveling through time and landed in 1300 A.D. When they realized where they were, Evil Ash turned right into Ash, his nemesis, who slammed him down, allowing Candyman to get the pin and retain his title.


In Candyman’s next match, he had to face long-time favorite Jason Voorhees. The match was set for August 13, 1993 at Camp Crystal Lake. No one had seen Jason since his upset loss to Chucky in 1990 so the fans were uncertain what to expect from the big man. And when Jason showed up and looked almost unrecognizable, fans were sure that the former three-time champion had lost what it took the win the title. But Jason was still a serious force to reckon with as Candyman found out. Jason started the match off on the offense and didn’t let up. It looked as though Jason was on his way to a fourth championship reign when all of a sudden Freddy’s glove popped up from the ground below and grabbed the challenger by the leg, allowing Candyman to get the three-count and the victory.



After costing Jason Voorhees a championship opportunity, Freddy Krueger stepped up and got the next shot at Candyman’s title. Freddy Krueger challenged the champion to a Hollywood Backlot Brawl on October 14, 1994, which Candyman accepted. The champion arrived in the New Line Cinema backlot and awaited the return of Freddy Krueger. When Freddy did arrived, he shocked everyone with a new, more menacing look. Candyman stood stunned for a minute then went after the challenger. Candyman hit Freddy with everything that he had, but Freddy seemed invincible as he just took it all in. After about 20 minutes of brawling through Hollywood, Freddy put an end to the match when he hit Candyman with his new finisher, the “Reality Check”, and covered the champion for the win. After a five year absence, “The Dream Master” had returned and was back on top.

Candyman’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 11 months, 21 days


Freddy Krueger The Return of an Icon


The new and improved Freddy Krueger looked unstoppable as he defeated Candyman for the Horror Heavyweight Championship. He was away from the title scene for five years, but seemed to reinvent himself for the better and was prepared to show the horror world that he still had what it takes to be on top. And the newly crowned champion would prove himself by battling both old and new foes.


Krueger’s first title defense would be a rematch against Candyman in 1995. This time however, Candyman named the stipulation and demanded that the match be a Bourbon Street Brawl since Candyman was now haunting New Orleans. He knew this match would work to his advantage since he knew the area and the match would take place during Mardi Gras, the biggest party in the world. Maybe he thought that the revelry would bring back parts of the older Freddy and this lapse in focus would benefit him, but this Freddy was not the same villain he was before. The two battled all the way down Bourbon Street, tearing apart bars and strip clubs in the process. In a last ditch effort, Candyman tried to distract Freddy with a young woman who was flashing her breasts. But not to be denied of the victory, Freddy disposed of the woman and finished Candyman with the “Reality Check” to retain the Horror Heavyweight Championship.



Freddy’s next challenger was Michael Myers, an old foe who returned to try and win the title for a third time. But just as with most of the older legendary villains, Michael was not the same icon he once was. The match was held on September 25, 1995 in the Dream World and Freddy controlled the match from the start. Michael made a small surge eventually but Freddy’s speed allowed him to rebound and put Myers in the “Krueger” sleeper hold. But when Myers refused to submit, Krueger landed a solid shot to the gut of Michael and then hit the “Reality Check” for the win.


Rumors began to circulate that Leatherface was ready to make a return to the ring, but fans remembered how bad Leatherface looked in his last title fight so everyone was skeptical of these rumors. But then Commissioner Craven confirmed these rumors and announced that Leatherface would take on Freddy Krueger on October 21, 1995 at the Sawyer House in a Texas Death match. The buzz around the match was high and fans couldn’t wait to see Leatherface once again. Freddy arrived at the Sawyer House and waited for the return of the iconic villain. Suddenly, the sounds of a chainsaw filled the air and out of a cloud of dust appeared Leatherface. However, this was not what anyone ever expected. Instead of the hulking monster that everyone knew, Leatherface showed up in what appeared to be women’s lingerie and wearing heavy make-up. Fans wondered what had happened to their once beloved killer. Freddy even looked confused as he stared at his opponent. But, Freddy was there to do a job and he did it quicker than anyone ever did, beating Leatherface in under five minutes. Freddy walked out of Texas still the champion and looked at his opponent in disgust.


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Freddy had returned to the top and was the Horror Heavyweight Champion, but had really not yet faced a tough competitor. Candyman was his toughest foe, but was no match for the new and rejuvenated Freddy. Michael Myers was tough, but not as great as he once was. And Leatherface didn’t even resemble the man he was. So, the decision was made that Freddy’s next big matchup would be on December 24, 1996, in the Dream World. And in this match, Freddy would face three up and coming challengers in a gaulant match: Dr. Alan Feinstone, aka The Dentist, Jack Frost, and the Ghostface killer. The Dentist was a sadistic man who had a penchant for torture. Jack Frost was a killer snowman possessed by a serial killer. And the Ghostface killer was a mysterious killer responsible for the Woodsboro murders. Freddy didn’t seemed worried about his opponents and took on the challenge. First he dispatched The Dentist by turning Dr. Feinstone’s own nightmares against him and getting the pin after the “Reality Check” finisher. He then easily took out Jack Frost after he melted him in the boiler room, a first in any match. And then Ghostface came to the ring and the two battled for about ten minutes. Freddy had got the upper hand and was setting Ghostface up for his finisher when all of a sudden a second Ghostface appeared. Stunned that there were two killers, Freddy lost his concentration and was hit with the “Woodsboro splash” for the three count. Ghostface was now the new Horror Heavyweight Champion, signaling the end of an era for all of the older villains.

Freddy Krueger’s Championship Reign: 2 years, 2 months, 10 days

Ghostface The Champion of a New Era

After Ghostface won the Horror Heavyweight Championship, Commissioner Craven and the fans demanded to know who the second Ghostface was that appeared when he faced Freddy Krueger. It was revealed that the Ghostface in the ring was Billy Loomis, while the Ghostface that appeared to distract Freddy was Stu Macher. They worked together to terrorize the town of Woodsboro and demanded to be named co-champions. After this announcement, Commissioner Craven consulted with the other horror legends and it was announced that both Billy and Stu could compete as Ghostface under a variation of the “Freebird Rule”, an old wrestling rule allowing both of them to defend the title, but not both at once. They would have to decide who would defend the championship before each match and the other would not be allowed to enter the match. If the other Ghostface did interfere, it would result in a disqualification and Craven stated that if either were to get the disqualified, the title would chance hands. With that rule laid out, Ghostface was now ready to defend his newly won Horror Heavyweight Championship.


He may look like a hobo, but don't tell him that

His first title defense was a triple-threat match against the Wishmaster and the Leprechaun. The Wishmaster was new on the horror scene and looking to make a name for himself. Leprechaun on the other hand had been around for a few years and had been overlooked for a title shot before. When he finally got his opportunity, Leprechaun threatened the horror world that if he did win the championship, he would take the title to outer space and never return with it again. Determined not to allow that to happen, Ghostface gave his everything. In this match, Billy suited up behind the mask and started the battle with the Wishmster. Leprechaun tried to make his way into the fight, but was knocked out of the ring every time. The fight lasted about 20 minutes when, out of nowhere, the Wishmaster laid out Ghostface with the “Djinn Slam” and went for the pinball. But before the referee could count to three, the Leprechaun broke up the pin. Leprechaun then hit the Wishmaster with the “Pot of Gold” punch to the stomach, followed by his “Pogo pounce” finisher off the top rope. But just as he was about to cover the Wishmaster, Ghostface woke back up and hit Leprechaun with the “Slasher” clothesline and then the “Woodsboro splash” to gain the victory and keep his title. The Wishmaster suddenly got up and started to go after Ghostface, but the champion was able to slither out of the ring and avoid the attack.


Ghostface’s next opponent was the mysterious Fisherman. Many people thought that the Fisherman was just a cheap ripoff of Ghostface and that may have been so. But regardless, the “4th of July Street Fight” match took place in Southport, NC, the Fisherman’s home turf, on July 4, 1998. The two bad guys battled all across the small fishing town and eventually ended up on the mountain road that the Fisherman, Ben Willis, was hit by a car on. It was at this point that the second Ghostface appeared and distracted the Fisherman, allowing Ghostface to get the advantage and the win. This did not please Commissioner Craven and he demanded to know which Ghostface was responsible for the distraction. He found out that it was Stu that appeared to help Billy get the win and then set the next title match for Ghostface. And in this match, Stu would have to defend the title against Michael Myers in the old Myers house in Haddonfield. And to ensure that this wouldn’t happen again, Billy would not be allowed in the Haddonfield city limits.



The big matchup between Ghostface and Michael Myers took place on August 5, 1998 and was billed as “the teacher vs. the student” as Ghostface had modeled his villainous ways around those like Myers and other horror icons. And the match looked just like that as the returning Myers took advantage of the youthful Ghostface. It was fairly obvious that Stu was not the same fighter that Billy was and he was not able to get much offense in at all. And this was made even worse by the fact that Myers didn’t look that good himself. It seemed that after 20 years of being in the business, Myers was starting to slow down. But, he was still good enough to finish off Ghostface with the “Pumpkin Smasher” and win his third Horror Heavyweight Championship. After the match ended though, the action kept going as Billy somehow showed up in Haddonfield and killed Stu for losing the title. Billy stated that he would now go solo to challenge for the championship, but then Myers attacked Billy and ended the reign of Ghostface for good.

Ghostface’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 7 months, 12 days


Michael Myers One Last Run


Myers was already well on his way to the Hall of Fame when he won his third Horror Heavyweight Championship. But that didn’t mean that Myers would take this reign any less serious than his previous ones. Myers’ resurrection after fighting for over 20 years was very remarkable, but he was not the same villain that he once was. Sure, he wasn’t as bad as Leatherface in his unsuccessful returns. And he didn’t completely fall apart like Freddy Krueger had done for a little while. But this Myers was an old man and it showed at times. But that still didn’t stop Michael from giving his ll and putting on some very good title fights.



Myers’ first title defense was a triple-threat match held on November 13, 1998 in Haddonfield. The Fisherman finally received his rematch, but this time had to face Michael Myers and the “Urban Legends” killer Brenda Bates, instead of Ghostface. The champion had arrived first, followed by the Fisherman and then Brenda. The “Urban Legends” killer began the match by attacking the Fisherman. Myers then went after Brenda and the Fisherman joined in soon after. Myers and the Fisherman basically eliminated Brenda pretty quickly and then they went at it. Myers controlled most of the match and got the victory after Brenda briefly returned and grabbed the Fisherman’s leg making him fall out of the ring. Brenda then jumped in the ring and looked at the Fisherman on the ground. But Myers grabbed her from behind and rolled her up for the three-count.



Word began to spread that Norman Bates was making a return to the ring. Fans across the world were impatiently awaiting a statement from Commissioner Craven about whether Bates would be seen in a ring for the first time since 1960. And on Thanksgiving Day 1998, the commissioner did in fact announce that “Psycho” Norman Bates would return for a December 4th  fight at the Bate’s Motel against champion Michael Myers. Fans could not believe their ears. This was a match-up that was over 30 years in the making. Fans clamored at the thought of this fight and the Bate’s Motel was packed with fans from all over the world. Myers showed up first and was ready to go when the doors to the Bat household opened. What happened next was truly horrific. A man claiming to be Norman Bates walked down to the ring and the fans immediately began to boo. What seemed like it could be the biggest match in the history of the Horror Heavyweight Championship quickly turned out to be a huge farce. People rejected this Norman Bates and stood solidly behind Myers. And Myers responded by squashing Norman in just a few minutes to retain the title. After this match, Norman Bates was never seen or heard from again and Commissioner Craven resigned after setting up this debacle.


Guess who's back

As the new millennium began, Michael Myers was ready for a title defense after not fighting since late 1998. And he got his wish when interim commissioner Sean S. Cunningham announced that Myers would face a mystery opponent on February 5th at the old Myers home. Michael showed up and waited impatiently for his opponent when all of a sudden he was attacked from behind by Ghostface. People were stunned when they saw the iconic killer after witnessing both Stu and Billy die. People began to guess as to who was under the mask. Was it Cotton Weary? Maybe it was even Sydney Prescott herself. But Ghostface would not address his or her identity at this time. So the match when on as scheduled and this Ghostface seemed much more ruthless than the previous two. He exposed Myers’ older age and lack of strength and used his speed to take down the champion in a surprise upset. Ghostface was now the new Horror Heavyweight champion. After Myers slumbered out of the ring, Ghostface took off his mask and revealed himself to be Roman Bridger, the neglected brother of Sydney Prescott. Everyone in attendance was stunned at this revelation, but glad to see Ghostface once again.

Michael Myers’ Championship Reign: 1 year, 6 months, 0 days


Ghostface Scream Again

Ghostface was now back on top of the Horror Heavyweight Championship scene and the “Woodsboro Slasher” was ready to face any challenger that may arise. But something was happening in the horror world. As the old icons of horror were beginning to fade away, a new breed was coming up. And this new breed was young and vicious. And in Ghostface’s first title defense, he would find out first hand just how tough these young competitors would be.


On August 31, 2001, Ghostface would defend his title against The Creeper. The match was held in The Creeper’s lair and, even though he was new to the horror scene, The Creeper showed the world that he was indeed worthy of the title opportunity. Ghostface began to use his speed to attack The Creeper, but he was able to endure the punishment and just let Ghostface wear himself down. When the champion became sluggish, The Creeper unleashed a fury of offense moves and knocked Ghostface down to the mat. Then, he unleashed his large bat-like wings and called for his finisher, “Jeepers Creepers.” He hit the move and covered Ghostface for the victory. The former champion was discouraged by his quick championship reign, but no one could deny that The Creeper was the better villain on this night.

Ghostface’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 6 months, 26 days


The Creeper The Champion that No One Really Knew

The Creeper came from out of nowhere and defeated Ghostface to win the Horror Heavyweight Championship in his first match. No one really knew a lot about the new champion, but that didn’t stop him from making a name for himself. He was ready to show the horror world that he belonged in the conversation when discussing the best horror villains around and planned to back it up in the ring. And in his first title defense, he would have that opportunity when he faced a legend in the horror world.


The Creeper traveled all the way to space and boarded the Grendel spaceship to battle Jason Voorhees. But this was not the Jason we used to know. He was now known as Uber Jason after a medical station aboard the spaceship rebuilt Jason into an even stronger being. Jason walked to the ring and struck fear in everyone around, except for the champion. But despite not being intimidated, The Creeper started the match on the defensive as Jason began a strong attack. The Creeper eventually blocked Jason’s clothesline attempt and began his own attack. The two battled back and forth and while The Creeper did not fear Jason, he knew he may need to distract Jason in order to hit his finisher. It was moment that The Creeper engaged the Camp Crystal Lake simulator  that was aboard the ship and, with Jason’s focus shifted, the champion hit his finisher twice and got the victory. After the win, The Creeper wanted to make sure that Jason wouldn’t pose a threat again so he opened a door on the ship and sent Jason flying through space. No one has ever seen Uber Jason since.


The Creeper took a beating from his match with Jason and did not fight again until June 10, 2003. In this title defense, interim Commissioner Cunningham stated that The Creeper would fight Marie. Most people had to research to find out who she was, but hardcore horror fans knew that Marie was a psychotic killer with a split personality that was very deserving of a title shot. But no matter what, The Creeper prepared for the fight like any other and then traveled to the French countryside for the match. Marie was a huge underdog and no body gave her a shot to win. And when The Creeper nearly ended the match in under 10 minutes, it looked as if it would be a one-sided fight. But Marie began to use her surroundings to her advantage and, when the opportunity arose, she attacked The Creeper from behind. She leveled him with a wide range of offensive maneuvers. Then, with The Creeper on his knees, she dealt the final blow when she landed the “Buzzsaw Kick” finisher and covered The Creeper for the shocking win.

The Creeper’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 9 months, 10 days


Well that is the end of part 3 of the Horror Heavyweight Championship. We have seen a change among the top fighters in the horror world and even finished this part with the first female champion in the history of the title. But what is to come next? Who will rise to the top and become the next champion? Will we see the return of one of the legendary villains? Come back next week and check out part 4 to get these questions answered and more!



Daryl Karpinski Jr.