The Horror Heavyweight Championship: Part 4

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As we ended part 3 of the Horror Heavyweight Championship, the psychotic Marie won the title and became the first female to ever win the championship. But as we will see in this part, her reign didn’t last all that long. And neither did the reign of many of the upcoming champions. The villains these days just didn’t seem to be the same as they were years ago. But regardless of that, part 4 will show you all of the champions that the 2000s had to offer.


MarieThe First Female Champion


Marie was the first, and so far only, female champion to ever hold the Horror Heavyweight Championship. However, her reign mysteriously ended a week later when interim Commissioner Cunningham went to France a week after her victory to discuss her next fight. When he arrived at the location given to him by Marie herself, no one was there and the Horror Heavyweight Championship was laying  on top of a dead body. Testing confirmed that the body was not Marie, but was apparently one of her victims. It seems as though after her fight, she abandoned the belt and left in search  of her one, true love: Alex. Cunningham then took the belt back to the United States with him and declared the title vacant.

Marie’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 0 months, 7 days


The Rivalry Continues – Freddy vs. Jason: Part 6

After a brief period of inactivity in the horror world, interim Commissioner Cunningham made a blockbuster announcement. On August 15, 2003, Jason Voorhees would travel to the Westin Hills Auditorium to take on Freddy Krueger for the vacant Horror Heavyweight Championship in an Anything Goes Steel Cage match. He also announced that effective after this fight, he would step down as interim commissioner and a new, full time commissioner would be announced.

Jason arrived and walked into the cage looked bigger and in better shape than when we last saw him. And when Freddy arrived, it was a shock to everyone that he had stayed in such good shape also. The two battled for almost 45 minutes that night in the steel cage and it looked like either villain could win. The deciding factor came when Freddy tried to trick Jason to no avail. The killer from Camp Crystal Lake seemed to brush off Freddy’s tricks and humor and blocked a vital blow from Freddy. He then ripped off Freddy’s arm and shoved the arm back into Freddy’s chest and it followed it up with a machete to Freddy’s side. This allowed Jason to easily walk out of the steel cage and win his fourth championship.


Jason VoorheesThe Greatest Champion of All-Time?

Evil will never die

After Jason left the steel cage, the fans in attendance at the Westin Hills Auditorium were treated to a surprise as the song “Dragula” began playing throughout the arena. Rob Zombie then appeared and announced that he was now the new commissioner. Jason stood on the aisle and stared blankly at the new commissioner. And before the champion could leave, Commissioner Zombie announced that in less than two weeks, Jason would defend his title against The Creeper at Camp Crystal Lake. Jason shrugged off the announcement and left the arena to prepare.

Another reason why no one wants to ride the bus in high school

The Creeper showed up the ring at Camp Crystal Lake on August 29th on a school bus. But unbeknownst to him, Jason was in the school bus and the two started fighting almost immediately. The two villains battled back and forth for a while and The Creeper felt confident that he could beat Jason as he had already defeated him once when Jason was doing his Uber Jason gimmick. And it seemed like The Creeper was going to pick up the win until the buzz of a chainsaw filled the arena. When The Creeper looked down the entrance way, he saw a shadowy figure staring back at him. This distraction allowed Jason to recover and roll up The Creeper for the win. Stunned, The Creeper flew off and was never seen again. Jason got back to his feet and looked down the aisle at the shadowy silhouette. Then, the figure walked down the ramp, revealing himself to be Leatherface. The iconic killer hadn’t been seen since since his very embarrassing return in 1995. But this Leatherface looked different. He looked evil, determined, and much more like a threat. He pointed his chainsaw at Jason, making it known that he wanted a shot at the champ.

Commissioner Zombie saw this stare down and made the match without any hesitation. The match was set for October 17, 2003 at Camp Crystal Lake. This is a match that horror fans clamored for. Two legendary icons were set to battle and fans couldn’t wait to see it. The buzz was electric in the arena when the two behemoths of horror locked up and the match began. The two battled non-stop for what felt like forever. It was pure brutality at its finest. Each man had their moments but the match came down to who wanted it more. And Leatherface seemed to want it more when he unleashed a fury of punches that sent Jason reeling into the corner. Leatherface then threw Jason into the ropes and hit him with a vicious clothesline. He signaled it was over and finished the hockey-masked villain off with his new finisher, the “Cannibal Crucifix” powerbomb. He got the three-count and was crowned the new Horror Heavyweight champion.

Jason Voorhees’ Championship Reign: 0 years, 2 months, 2 days


Leatherface – New and Improved Champion


Leatherface was ready to be a fighting champion, but would not have a match for just about a year after winning the title. It was a slow time in the world of horror and the competition was very limited. But then, out of nowhere, a very deserving opponent was revealed. And this opponent would be like no one else.

Leatherface would put his title on the line against Jigsaw on October 29, 2004 in Jigsaw’s hidden warehouse arena. The challenger, knowing he was severely undersized, asked Commissioner Zombie for a stipulation that allowed him to win the title if Leatherface got counted out or disqualified and the commissioner accepted. Everyone expected Leatherface to win with relative ease mostly because of how little was known about his opponent. But what people didn’t know was that Jigsaw was quite possibly one of the smartest villains the horror world had ever seen. He manipulated Leatherface for the majority of the match, but Leatherface still maintained the upper hand when it came down to physicality. But that physicality would cost the champion as Jigsaw ducked Leatherface’s vicious clothesline and the champ fell out of the ring and into Jigsaw’s razor-wire trap. This led to a count-out and the victory for Jigsaw because of the pre-match stipulations put into place.

Leatherface’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 0 months, 12 days


Jigsaw The Mastermind Manipulator

As if the shock of seeing Leatherface lose to an unknown wasn’t enough, Jigsaw then lifted his pig mask off of his face and revealed to the world that he was in fact a very old man. This mastermind villain looked like an every day guy off the street. But looks can be deceiving as Jigsaw was very worthy of the Horror Heavyweight Championship. But how long would his reign last when his first title defense was announced as a triple-threat ladder match against Otis and Captain Spaulding, members of the notorious Firefly family.


Even though it was billed as a triple-threat ladder match, fans expected Otis and Captain Spaulding to team up and try to knock the champion out early. The match took place on July 22, 2005 in Ruggsville, Texas and it looked like the fans were right as Otis and Spaulding, with Baby, walked out together and immediately took the fight to Jigsaw. It was apparent that Jigsaw could not handle the onslaught from both men and the championship was sure to change hands on this night. But Jigsaw would not go out quietly. The Firefly brothers attacked Jigsaw with no regard and tossed him out of the ring. When he fell out of the ring, he broke his leg and was unable to continue to compete. But this did not stop him from having an impact on the finish of the match. After falling out of the ring, the lights in the arena went out and a mysterious figure was seen in the ring. When the lights came back on, both Otis and Captain Spaulding were in the reverse bear trap. Apparently, Jigsaw had an apprentice with him and whoever this person was, locked the other two competitors in these infamous traps. When the Firefly brothers looked for Jigsaw, he was gone. Then, the video screen lit up and a freaky-looking red and white puppet with black hair appeared riding a tricycle. The puppet then informed Otis and Spaulding that in order to escape the traps, they must retrieve the key that is attached to the title belt hanging above the ring. But only one man can use the key as it will lock into the trap one used. They were told they had two minutes to get the key or both traps would go off. Otis then turned to Spaulding and immediately attacked him. He beat Spaulding down and then started to climb up the ladder. Captain Spaulding got up and grabbed Otis by the ankles to try to stop him. But Otis turned around and looked at his brother and without any hesitation, he jumped down and pulled a razor out of his pocket. He swung it wildly and slit his throat. He then hurried back up the ladder and grabbed the key and the title. He removed the trap just in time and then, showing just how ruthless he was, stood over his brother’s dead body, holding the title in the air, with Baby laughing hysterically the whole time.

Jigsaw’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 8 months, 23 days


Otis The Devil’s Reject


Otis won the Horror Heavyweight Championship by any means necessary. He took it to the extreme after Jigsaw made him and Captain Spaulding decide not only who would win, but also who would live. But Otis still had Baby, his maniacal sister, in his corner and she could easily factor into any fight that Otis would be in. But would she be enough when Jigsaw demanded a rematch?

Jigsaw got his return match on October 28, 2005 at his secret lair and this time, he used even more of his now infamous traps. He battled Otis with his mind knowing that he would not be able to match the champion’s physicality. Sure, Otis dominated the match in the ring, but what he failed to realize was that Jigsaw had his apprentice kidnap Baby during the match. When Otis finally did realize that his sister was missing, he lost it and demanded to know where she was. Then, a video appeared on the big screen and it showed Baby locked into some sort of huge barbaric trap. As Otis watched the video, Jigsaw rolled up the champion and got the three-count. Jigsaw was now the Horror Heavyweight Champion once again. Furious, Otis began to attack Jigsaw after the match. He beat the new champion within an inch of his life and demanded to know where Baby was being held. Jigsaw told him to walk through the curtain to the back and he would find the clues as to where she was. Otis was never seen again.

Otis’ Championship Reign: 0 years, 3 months, 6 days


Jigsaw The Game Changer

It was revealed that Jigsaw did in fact have an apprentice and her name was Amanda, a woman Jigsaw once put into one of his traps. But Commissioner Zombie wanted to make sure that when Jigsaw would defend his title, Amanda would not be a factor. But when his first title defense was announced, it seemed as though Amanda’s presence wouldn’t matter at all.

The first title defense in Jigsaw’s second championship reign was against newcomer Victor Crowley, a monster villain from the swamps of New Orleans. The match was held in these swamps on April 2, 2006. Crowley had the obvious advantage of size and strength and the knowledge of the location of the match. Everything seemed to be in favor of the challenger except for the mental strength of the champion and the possibility of Amanda being there to assist Jigsaw. But no amount of mental power helped Jigsaw at the start of the match as Crowley literally threw Jigsaw around with ease. The champ tried to change the tide in his favor by using one of his traps, but Crowley just used his strength to break out of it. When Amanda arrived to help the champ, Victor hit her with a chest chop and she flew almost 30 yards away. Crowley turned his attention back to Jigsaw and looked to finish the match. The weirdest thing was that Jigsaw seemed ready to accept the defeat. He laid on the ground and shook his head as Crowley approached him. Victor then picked Jigsaw up and used his “Swamp Slam” to finish the champion off. Victor Crowley had came from nowhere and pinned Jigsaw with little effort to win the title.

Jigsaw’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 5 months, 5 days


Victor Crowley The Beast from the Bayou

No one knew much about Crowley when he became the new Horror Heavyweight champion. But there really wasn’t that much to know. He was big, strong, and seemingly unstoppable. And that didn’t fair well for any villains interested in challenging him for the title.


The first title defense for Victor Crowley however was a battle of the behemoths as he was set to take on Jacob Goodnight, the murderous villain that roamed the abandoned Blackwell Hotel. The match took place in the hotel’s arena on September 19, 2006 and fans from across the world came to the venue to see this battle of next-generation villains. Crowley and Goodnight went back and forth exchanging huge punches and kicks for over 10 minutes. The hits were so strong that pieces of the roof in the dilapidated hotel began to fall off. Goodnight had every opportunity to win the match but could never finish the champ off. He began to show his frustrations and that is when Crowley capitalized and hit the “Swamp Slam” to retain his title.

Victor’s next match was on October 6, 2006 in the New Orleans swamps against the former two-time champion Leatherface. Commissioner Zombie announced that the match would take place in a steel cage because he did not want these two giants to wreak havoc on the people in attendance. So Leatherface and Crowley both entered the cage and the mayhem began. It was a literal bloodbath as the two villains slammed each other into the cage and used weapons from under the ring on each other. At one point, Leatherface laid out Crowley with a steel chair and should have won the match, but Victor rolled out of the ring and avoided the pinfall attempt. Then, in a scene that will be remembered forever, both men reached under the ring and came back up with chainsaws. The two entered the ring and walked in circles watching the other’s every move. Then all of a sudden, the two dueled with the chainsaws until Crowley knocked the saw out of Leatherface’s hands. When Leatherface turned to get his chainsaw back, Crowley took advantage of the moment and hit Leatherface with a reverse DDT followed by his “Swamp Slam” finisher. But Leatherface somehow kicked out of the covered and Victor looked shocked. He picked Leatherface back up, held onto his arm, and continually hit him with some vicious clotheslines before hitting him with the “Swamp Slam” again. He covered the challenger, but once again only got a two-count. Crowley became even more furious and lost his mind. He slid out of the ring and grabbed a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat. He jumped back into the ring and laid Leatherface out with a few shots to the face with the bat. The referee then called for the bell and awarded the win to Leatherface by disqualification. However, Crowley was still the champion as the title did not change hands on a DQ. The fans booed Crowley’s actions but it didn’t bother him at all. He turned his head on everyone and left the ring holding the belt in the air. When Leatherface finally got up, the crowd cheered for him and he shook his head in acknowledgement. It was safe to assume that Leatherface would get his revenge.

After a long disappearance, Michael Myers returned to the horror world and challenged Victor Crowley to a match. Commissioner Zombie granted Myers the match and also announced that Leatherface would be the special guest enforcer to make sure that Crowley didn’t get himself disqualified again. The match took place on August 31, 2007 in the newly built Haddonfield arena. Myers waited in the ring impatiently awaiting the champions arrival. Then, out of nowhere, Crowley attacked Myers from behind and gained the early advantage. But Myers fought back and evened the score against Crowley. The two battled for a while and it looked like the match could go either way. But when Myers went to give Victor a big splash in the corner of the ring, Crowley moved and the referee took the big hit. Crowley then gave Myers a suplex and hurried out of the ring. He grabbed a chair and went back to the ring to hit Myers. But before he could lay the challenger out, Leatherface jumped in the ring and grabbed the chair from Crowley. He swung the chair at Victor and knocked him out. Myers got back up and hit the “Pumpkin Smasher” on Crowley. Leatherface revived the referee as Myers covered the champion. The referee counted the three-count and a new champion was crowned. Leatherface grabbed the belt and handed it to Michael. Then, as a sign of respect between two iconic horror figures, they shook hands. By this time, Crowley woke up and tried to take out both men. But, in a moment that will never be forgotten, Myers and Leatherface teamed up and beat down Crowley until he eventually escaped and left the arena.

Victor Crowley’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 4 months, 29 days


With part 4 of the Horror Heavyweight Championship now over, next week’s fifth installment will finally bring us up to the present. Michael Myers will begin his championship reign in that next part, but what other iconic villains from the past will return? Will there be any other young guns that try to make a name for themselves? Find out in the final chapter of this series about the Horror Heavyweight Championship. And thanks for reading once again.


Daryl Karpinski Jr.