WWE Hell in a Cell 2015: Preview and Predictions


1. Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus, and King Barrett in a Six Man Tag Team Match on the Pre-Show

This match just happened on this past Monday Night Raw and is just an opportunity for WWE to put all of these guys on the show. Each team member has had a feud of some sort with someone on the other team recently and this is WWE’s way to show that none of these feuds really matter that much. I don’t expect much from this match and don’t actually care too much about who will win. But I’ll make a pick anyways I guess.

WINNER: Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville

2. John Cena (C) vs. TBD in an Open Challenge match for the WWE United States Championship

Rumors are swirling that Cena will be taking some time off very soon. Therefore the question to me isn’t whether Cena will lose or not, but rather who will answer the challenge. I personally believe it will be a member of The New Day after seeing them feud with Cena recently. But could it also be Sami Zayn or Daniel Bryan returning from injury? It is very possible and very intriguing. But no matter who it is, I do see Cena losing the title this Sunday and taking a well-deserved break.


3. Kevin Owens (C) vs. Ryback in a singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ryback won the Intercontinental title and interest in him seemed to fade quickly. Then, they gave Owens the title and he has ran with it. Owens is a compelling character who is one of the best in WWE today. Therefore, Owens should retain the championship after this match. But expect a good battle between these two as Owens makes people look very good and Ryback has definitely improved in recent months.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

4. Charlotte (C) vs. Nikki Bella in a singles match for the WWE Divas Championship

Nikki Bella held onto the Divas title just long enough to break the record for longest reign. She then lost the title to Charlotte at the next PPV and the two have continued the same old rivalry since then. Personally, I’m a little bored with this rivalry and don’t care that much about it. Which is sad because I was hoping that the Divas push would result in better storylines for them. But, I do hope they give Charlotte more time with the title and don’t just revert back to what they had before.

WINNER: Charlotte

5. The New Day (2 of the 3 members) vs. The Dudley Boyz in a tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Bubba Ray and D-Von recently returned and have had some great battles with The New Day since coming back to the WWE. I think, at some point, they will win the titles again, but it should not be now. The New Day have been great and probably the biggest reason I still watch WWE regularly. Their antics are great and I love to watch to see what they do next. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods are three of the best stars in WWE today and their championships do not need to be taken away.

WINNER: The New Day

6. Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt in a Hell in the Cell match

In what appears to be the finale to the Wyatt-Reigns feud, the two stars will battle in the cell where interference should be at a minimum. Should be. Reigns still has Ambrose on his side while Wyatt has Strowman, Harper, and the returning Rowan in his corner. I believe that these people will play a role in the outcome of this match somehow, but that this will mark the end of this feud. Reigns and Wyatt need a new storyline and it should begin following this match.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

7. Seth Rollins (C) vs. Kane in a singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and if Kane loses, Corporate Kane will be fired from his position as Director of Operations

First off, when did Kane have these different titles? Corporate Kane? Demon Kane? Why can’t we just have Kane? Plain and simple. Regardless however of which Kane we end up with, this match seems like an easy win for Rollins. But, I am going to go out on a very long and unsteady limb here and pick Kane to win this match for three reasons. First, this storyline has a little life left and could continue for another month if needed. Secondly, Kane could win and then be beat if Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank contract. And finally, Kane flat-out deserves it. He has been a loyal star for the company for almost 20 years and has not held the WWE Championship for more than one day. This would be a great reward for a great wrestler and I’m going with that pick.


8. The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar in a Hell in the Cell match

The finale to this feud is being built up like a main event for Wrestlemania. I just hope it lives up to expectations. It could be a great, brutal fight or it could be a scary disaster of a match. I’m hoping we get a match to remember. As far as who wins, I could see it go either way. Lesnar could win and continue to build his legacy. But The Undertaker could get the win and finally say he beat Lesnar cleanly. And that is what I am hoping for. Lesnar ended the streak and won that battle. Now let’s get Taker to win the war in the end. I just hope we do get a clean finish and that this truly is the end of this feud.

WINNER: The Undertaker


Daryl Karpinski, Jr.