The Horror Heavyweight Championship: Part 5

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As we head into the final chapter of this series, Michael Myers, one of the earliest champions in the history of the title, is back on top after his career was rejuvenated. But how long will he stay on top? Very few of the recent champions have actually had lengthy title runs. But the time to talk is over. Let’s get right into Michael’s title run and the rest of the champions as we approach the present day.


Michael MyersThe Icon Rebooted

After missing years of action, Michael Myers returned looking the best he had since his initial title run. It was a breath of fresh air for the horror world after too many lackluster villains failed to make a big difference in the championship’s history. But, as we all would find out, Michael Myers wasn’t the only iconic villain to make a return.



The Valentine’s Day killer also made a huge comeback and was first on the list of challengers to Michael’s title. The Miner, aka Tom Hanniger, got his championship opportunity on January 16, 2009 in The Arena at The Coal Mine. Mostly forgotten and underrated, The Miner came into the match looking to prove his status as a great villain in the world of horror. But, despite his aggressiveness, Myers was practically unstoppable. At one moment it looked like The Miner would get the win as he set up Myers for his finisher, “The Pick Axe” flying elbow, but Myers moved out of the way in time and hit his finisher for the win.


Myers would next have to face another returning iconic in Jason Voorhees. This match took place in Haddonfield on February 13, 2009 and Commissioner Zombie announced that the match would be an Iron Man match, with the two competitors fighting for an hour and the winner being the one with the most pinfalls in that hour. The match was a classic between the two “Titans of Terror” and would end up being the best match in the title’s history in many years. The first 45 minutes of the match saw each competitor gain one pinfalls after they each hit the finishing moves. Then, with both big men wearing down, it came down to one mistake. Myers was on the attack when he suddenly became distracted by Dr. Samuel Loomis. Jason took advantage of this and rolled up the unassuming Myers for a pinfalls with about seven minutes left in the match. Angered, Myers retaliated and took the fight to Jason but was unable to get a pinfall. Jason Voorhees won the match 2-1 and was once again the Horror Heavyweight champion.

Michael Myers’ Championship Reign: 1 year, 5 months, 13 days


Jason VoorheesThe Most Decorated Champion in History


Jason Voorhees won his fifth championship over an all-time great in Myers and people were claiming that he was now without a doubt the best champion ever. But Jason didn’t listen to the praise. He just wanted to have a better championship run than his previous reign. But to do so, he would have to foes both old and new.


His first title defense would be on April 30, 2010 against not just an old foe, but his greatest rival ever. Freddy Krueger returned to the title picture and declared that he wanted one more shot against Jason and one more chance at the title. Commissioner Zombie granted Krueger the match but stated that if Freddy were to lose, he would never get another title shot while he was commissioner. Freddy accepted and the match was. The challenger arrived at the Camp Crystal Lake arena and waited for his chance. Then the champion arrived and stared down the challenger for what seemed like five minutes. Then, the two icons began trading blows and the match was on. Krueger was a lot more vicious than when we last saw him and dominated for most of the match. But the champion fought back and even the score when he knocked Freddy out of the ring with a vicious clothesline. Freddy finally got back to his feet and slid back into the ring, but Jason was waiting. He picked Freddy up, slammed him back down to the mat, then finished him off with the “Crystal Lake” choke slam finisher for the win. The greatest rivalry horror fans had ever seen was now over after seven great matches.

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Jason would have his hands full in his next title defense as he would have to face Pinhead, Ghostface, “American” Mary Mason, “The Sinister” Bughuul, and Victor Crowley in an Elimination Chamber match on October 12, 2012. In this match, two competitors started the match off in the ring and the other four are locked in pods that randomly open every five minutes and the last man, or woman, left standing is the champion. The match started with Crowley and Bughuul in the ring and Crowley pinned Bughuul in less than three minutes. After the buzzer went off, the pod for Pinhead opened. People booed the different Pinhead and he turned to say something to the crowd. When he did, he was hit by Crowley and immediately pinned. The audience cheered and Pinhead was gone just as quickly as he entered the match. After waiting for over four minutes, the next pod opened and it was Ghostface. The masked killer took the fight to Crowley, but the big man got the advantage quickly and unleashed a fury of offense on Ghostface. But before the pin could be made, the next pod opened and the champion entered the match. He took out Crowley’s legs and got the big man to the mat. Victor and Jason battled back and forth while Ghostface recovered. The final pod eventually opened and Mary went straight after Ghostface. For a brief moment, Jason and Mary worked together and teamed up to beat down the other two challengers. Then, out of nowhere, Jason hit Victor with the “Crystal Lake” chokeslam and Mary finished Ghostface off with the “Surgical Splash” off the top rope and they both pinned their opponents. But just as soon as Mary began to celebrate, Jason hit his finisher on her and pinned her for the victory. It was one of the toughest title defenses in history, but somehow Jason managed to still walk away as champion.


After facing five opponents that ranged from old villains to new-school faces in horror, Jason’s next title defense would put him against one of the oldest iconic villains in the world of horror, Leatherface. The match was scheduled for January 4, 2013 in the West Texas Arena. The two icons of horror battled back and forth until, out of nowhere, Jason turned his attention to the crowd. He seemingly heard the voice of his mother, Mrs. Voorhees, from the arena and looked around to find her. But when he lost focus on Leatherface, the challenger took advantage. He beat down the champion and didn’t let up. After about ten minutes of this, Leatherface mercifully covered the champion but he only got a two-count. Furious, Leatherface hit Jason with three powerbombs in a row and covered him again. He only got a two-count once again. He jumped up and hit Jason with another powerbomb and then picked up the beaten champion for a powerbomb off of the top rope. He pinned Jason and finally got the win, ending one of the longest reigns in the championship’s modern-day history.

Jason Voorhees’ Championship Reign: 3 years, 10 months, 22 days


Leatherface A Career Reborn

Leatherface, who had won his first title in 1974, was now back on top as champion in 2013. This was the longest time in between title runs and Leatherface was ready to hold on to the title for a long time. And this time he had some assistance. Heather Miller was a distant relative of Leatherface and she was going to help her kin by any means necessary. She was the one that distracted Jason by pretending to be Mrs. Voorhees in Leatherface’s title win. And she would also play a huge part in his first title defense.



Mick Taylor, the Wolf Creek killer, looked like any other guy at first glance. But he was no ordinary guy. He was a bloodthirsty killer that wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied. And Taylor was pissed off at the fact that he was overlooked when he first made a name for himself in 2005. With the match set for May 16, 2014 in the Australian Outback, Taylor was determined to win the title or die trying. He took the fight to Leatherface and wouldn’t stop no matter how many times Leatherface pushed him off. People in the arena stood stunned as it appeared that the underdog was going to win the championship from the legendary Leatherface. But before Taylor could pin the champion, Heather Miller appeared and distracted Mick just long enough for the champion to hit Taylor with a fury of powerbombs and get the win.


The next title defense for Leatherface would take place on October 21, 2014 against Jacob Goodnight. The challenger laid into Leatherface but the champion fought back and seemed like he was set for another championship victory. But all of a sudden, Leatherface noticed that Heather Miller was not at ringside any more. Then he heard her scream and noticed that The Phantom had returned and had her chained to a pole near the entrance ramp. The Phantom had swore to return and gain vengeance on Leatherface and after all these years he did just that. The distraction allowed Goodnight to hit Leatherface with a “Tombstone” pile driver and get the win. The distractions that Leatherface usually used to his advantage had now cost him his title. He left the ring in a hurry, but The Phantom had already disappeared.

Leatherface’s Championship Reign: 1 year, 9 months, 17 days


Jacob Goodnight The Unexpected Champion


Jacob Goodnight had done the unexpected and beat Leatherface for the title. He went into the match as a huge underdog, but walked out as champion. But his reign would not last long as we would soon find out.


After Leatherface left the arena in search of Heather Miller and The Phantom, Goodnight was still in the ring celebrating his win. But when he turned around, The Phantom appeared in the ring. He stared at Goodnight and pointed to the belt. Goodnight shook his head as to accept the challenge. Commissioner Zombie then came out and declared that the match would happen right now and it would be a steel cage match. The cage lowered and Goodnight started off his second fight of the night strong with a fury of punches at the challenger. But The Phantom absorbed the hits and battled back with an offensive attack of his own. Then, the sounds of a chainsaw filled the air and both competitors looked around. Leatherface came down to the ring and began to cut through the steel cage. Goodnight approached where Leatherface was standing and The Phantom nailed Goodnight from behind with a reverse DDT. He then picked up the champ and finished him off with the “TexArkAna Slam” for the victory. Goodnight had won and lost the title in the same night and The Phantom was now the new Horror Heavyweight Champion.

Jacob Goodnight’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 0 months, 1 day


The PhantomThe Patience Paid Off


The Phantom immediately left the ring and avoided the attack from Leatherface. He vowed to return one day and hurt Leatherface and he did just that. He cost Leatherface the title and abducted his relative Heather Miller. She was never heard from again and The Phantom also was missing in action for a while. Eventually he did reappear and Commissioner Zombie informed him of his first title defense.



Jacob Goodnight would get a rematch on December 25, 2014 at the TexArkAna Arena. Zombie felt as though Goodnight deserved the rematch after fighting twice in one night. And Goodnight showed promise as he looked like he would win the title back on this night. He overpowered the champion for most of the match, but The Phantom never gave up and eventually fought back. The two villains battled back and forth and just as Goodnight started to gain the upper hand once again, The Phantom raked the eyes of the challenger. He then hit his finisher and won the match, successfully retaining his title.


As the calendar turned to 2015, the champion would have his second title match on August 21st. His opponent would be “The Sinister” Bughuul. The Phantom arrived at the TexArkAna Arena and was ready for a fight. Then, Bughuul arrived and looked determined to win the title. Bughuul used his extraordinary speed and had The Phantom reeling for most of the match. But then the champion came back and gained the advantage against the challenger. He leveled Bughuul with numerous body shots and appeared to be on the verge of another successful title defense when Bughuul turned the tide in his favor with a fury of kicks to the body and head of the champ. With The Phantom staggering, he hit the champ with the “Mr. Boogie” finisher from the top rope and pinned him for the three-count. Bughuul was now the champion and The Phantom quietly disappeared into the night.

The Phantom’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 10 months, 0 days


BughuulThe Presnt Champion


Bughuul won the Horror Heavyweight Championship in August of 2015 and as we approach Halloween, he is still the current champ. However, he looks to have a line of competitors waiting to challenge him for the title. It appears as though fan favorites like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger will be returning soon to challenge the champ along with new and fresh faces in the horror world. Commissioner Zombie will face his hands full in the near future and Bughuul will have to be at the top of his game if he wants to hold onto his championship when we return in 2016 to look at the next year of the Horror Heavyweight Championship.

Daryl Karpinski Jr.