Movie Review: Poltergeist (2015)


I watched the Poltergeist remake today and I won’t spend a whole lot of time on this as it was pretty much a replica of the original. Just not as good.

The story is the same as it was in 1982. A family moves into a new house and soon afterwards, strange things begin to happen. Their young daughter is abducted by a poltergeist and they turn to a paranormal researcher to help them get their daughter back.


There are a few differences between the original and the remake. Most of the differences however make the original a superior film. The cast is completely different obviously, but the biggest difference is the young girl that get abducted. Kennedi Clements plays Madison in the remake and while she does a good job in the role, it will never compare in my eyes to Heather O’Rourke’s portrayal of Carol Anne. O’Rourke’s role is classic and can never be duplicated in my opinion.

Besides that, most of the differences are subtle and are made just to update the film to 2015 standards. The TV for instance is not a small tube television like in the original. And the clown that scared everyone is different in the remake. Although if you ask me, it’s just as creepy because whether it is 1982 or 2015, clowns will remain creepy in my eyes.


Daryl Karpinski, Jr.