Tournament of the 80’s/90’s Action Star: Round 2

Round One of the 80’s and 90’s action movie stars tournament is over and round two starts today! After only three votes, the field is set for the next round and let’s get into it.


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#1 Arnold Schwarzenegger



#6 Jean-Claude Van Damme


Top-seeded Arnold Schwarzenegger swept the votes and easily beat Nic Cage in the first round. There was no surprise there as Arnold was expected to beat Cage easily. The Terminator now advances and gets ready for his next challenge.

And in what I believe is an upset, the sixth-seeded JCVD advances over Bruce Willis by two votes to one. The martial arts extraordinaire moves on and Willis is left out of the tournament after one round. I was shocked by this but maybe it was Bruce’s lack of action movie success outside of the Die Hard series that hurt him. Regardless of the reason, Van Damme moves on and looks to roundhouse kick Schwarzenegger out of the tournament in the second round.



#2 Sylvester Stallone



#4 Chuck Norris


Much like Schwarzenegger, Stallone was expected to advance and did so sweeping the match-up against Steven Seagal. Stallone, the man that is also responsible for bringing back many of these stars in his Expendables franchise, is now poised for what I believe will be a tougher fight in the second round.

Mel Gibson was very memorable as the psychotic Martin Riggs alongside Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon series, but it wasn’t enough as Chuck Norris won the match-up 3-1 and advances. Norris may not have had as much success at the box office as Gibson, but that did not matter as the people felt Norris was simply the bigger action star. Now Norris faces Stallone in a battle for the ages.


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Daryl Katpinski, Jr.