Tournament of the 80’s/90’s Action Stars: The Winner

The tournament of the 80’s and 90’s Action Stars has ended and after eight total badasses entered, only one is left in the end. And that winner is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Arnold defeated Sylvester Stallone in the tournament finals to win the tournament and that should not be very shocking to most action movie fans. Schwarzenegger is one of the most recognizable name in movie history and dominated the box office throughout the peak of his career. From playing a cybornetic killing machine to a father on a killing spree to save his daughter, Arnold was and may always be the face of the action movie hero. Even in his comedic roles, he relied on what he had done in those action flicks.

The end has come and Arnold Schwarzenegger stands tall atop the heap of dead bodies with guns and grenades in his hands. The Austrian powerhouse is our champion here and declares that “He’ll be back” if any other tournament of the sort is ever held again!

Thanks for reading and voting and I hope you have enjoyed the Tournament of the 80’s/90’s Action Stars!


Daryl Karpinski, Jr.