WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

The one night a year when WWE gets extreme is here this Sunday when the Extreme Rules PPV takes place in Newark, New Jersey. However, with the WWE firmly ingrained in the “PG Era”, the extreme mindset has been altered. Gone are the matches that displayed a different brutality that we used to see. No one will bleed. No one will take chair shots to the head. It is a different world in the WWE today and for that reason, this PPV seems senseless. But, they have marched on with the show and here are the matches.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin – No DQ match

This feud has been brewing since right after Wrestlemania 32 and should be nearing an end. It really hasn’t been given much time to advance on TV and seems like a throwaway match. Ziggler has been stuck in mediocrity and can’t seem to get out of that rut. And Corbin debuted on the main roster at Wrestlemania, winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then immediately went after Dolph. I like aspects of Corbin, especially how good he is at being a heel. It seems very natural for him and this No DQ match should give him the platform to implement some of his heel character. But what comes next for these two guys? Dolph will unfortunately continue to flounder more than likely. But what about Corbin? He is new to the roster and needs something else after this if he has any chance to remain relevant. But, that is in the future and for now I believe he gets the win in the end of this battle.

Winner: Baron Corbin

2. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) – Tornado Tag Team match

The Usos and The Club have been in the mix with AJ Styles and Roman Reigns for the past month or so and will have a match of their own this Sunday. The only thing separating this match from a regular tag match is that everyone can be in the ring at once, simply making it a brawl. I am sure we will see both teams make another appearance in the main event so I see this as just a time filler match. But, unless the WWE plans on making Anderson & Gallows completely useless, The Club really needs to get a win here to build themselves back up as a dominant tag team.

Winner: The Club

3. Kalisto (C) vs. Rusev – Singles match for the WWE United States Championship

The gimmick for this PPV used to be that every match had some sort of stipulation. But this match for the U.S. title is one of two on the card that is a straight forward match. Kalisto has held the championship for a few months now and beating Ryback at the last two PPVs, he now must face another big man in Rusev. Rusev is coming back to the singles scene after the League of Nations broke up. I think it is better for The Bulgarian Brute to be on his own and this is more than likely the start of another push for Rusev.

Winner: Rusev

4. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and/or Xavier Woods) vs. The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) – Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day are by far one of the best things about the WWE today. Separately, Kofi, Big E, and Xavier had very little going good for them. But since they have joined forces, they have been on top of the tag team division and are entertaining fans weekly. They have been champions for almost a year after winning the titles at Summerslam last year and they have done wonders to improve tag team wrestling in the WWE. But for some reason I see The Vaudevillians as the team that will beat them. I don’t necessarily think that they should, but something makes me believe that we will have new Tag Team Champions. Maybe it is because The Vaudevillians seem like an obvious pick to go against and I feel like the WWE will swerve us in some way. And honestly, if The Vaudevillians lose, they might be forgotten about after Sunday. But if they win, it sets up a possible three-way battle between them, Th New Day, and a returning Enzo & Cass, who can claim that they never lost the #1 Contender’s match at Payback. Therefore, with some regrets, I will pick English & Gotch as my upset pick of the show.

Winner: The Vaudevillains

5. Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose – Asylum match

This must be the WWE’s answer to not having a match on the card that can seem wild and brutal. But, my question is, what is an Asylum match? Not much was said as to how you win or anything else. But, it looks as though Jericho and Ambrose will conclude their feud in this match. After a Wrestlemania win over AJ Styles, Jericho has returned back to his “part-timer who gets the young guys over” gimmick by losing to Ambrose at Payback. And while the wins are good for Ambrose, I just can’t figure out why there is not more for him. He is a huge favorite and should be battling for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. But, I’ll take this match for now and just hope it is better than the Punjabi Prison match!

Winner: Dean Ambrose

6. The Miz (C) vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn – Fatal 4-way match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ok, let’s set the scene. At Wrestlemania, Zack Ryder won the IC title from Kevin Owens in a ladder match. Then, lost it to The Miz the next night on Raw. He then fought, and beat, the returning Cesaro at Payback while Owens fought Zayn. Owens never got his rematch for the title so he was put in a Triple Threat match with The Miz and Cesaro because Cesaro lost at Payback mostly because of a distraction by Owens and Zayn. Then Zayn gets added, making it a Fatal 4-way match. And now, with Extreme Rules just days away, I have narrowed my pick down to either Cesaro or The Miz. I believe Owens and Zayn should battle for a while. Putting them in this match is a great way to break up a string of singles matches, but they should feud until at least Summerslam. And they do not need the title to enhance their rivalry. That leaves me with the champion and Cesaro. And I think I have to go with Cesaro. Although I think the title is good with The Miz. He has actually been great as a heel champion and deserves the recognition. So, well, I’m sticking with The Miz. Cesaro will have to wait!

Winner: The Miz

7. Charlotte (C) vs. Natalya – Submission match for the WWE Women’s Championship

For Payback, I picked Natalya to win the Women’s championship as my upset pick and I was absolutely wrong making that pick. But I was still hoping that by some chance, Natalya would get a moment as the champ as I felt she deserved that moment for as long as she has been there and been overlooked. But after watching her the past couple of weeks, I must say that I am going with Charlotte this time. Natalya has not been good on promos, on commentary, or much else. Maybe her time to be on top has passed. I’m not quite sure. But she doesn’t seem like the old Natalya that I remember. Now, if Ric Flair enters the arena, Charlotte will lose the title, giving Natalya an edge. But, knowing Flair, they will find a way to get the job done.

Winner: Charlotte

8. Roman Reigns (C) vs. AJ Styles – Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Round 2 of Styles vs. Reigns will take place this Sunday in an Extreme Rules match where anything goes. And that means we are sure to see some chairs used and outside interference from The Usos and The Club. I wish more would happen, like taking the fight all over the arena, but it is highly unlikely in today’s WWE. But, these two had a great match at Payback and I hope to get another good match, even with more going on around the ring. I know it is highly unlikely, but I hope Reigns loses the title. I know they want to push him as a top star, but I am not buying it. And neither are a lot of fans. He is not connecting with a large portion of the crowd and a change is needed. And with Styles turning 39 soon, the time is now if they want to ever make him the champion. If not, then I hope we at least get a return from Seth Rollins to challenge Reigns next! But, for now, I’m going with Styles getting the win and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: AJ Styles

Daryl Karpinski, Jr.