Movie Review: Southbound

As a fan of anthology films, I was excited to check out Southbound, a horror movie consisting of five tales of terror, directed by some of the parties that gave us V/H/S. But, for as much as I applaud their effort, something was lacking in this film to make it as good as it could have been.

In the first segment, titled The Way Out,  two guys covered in blood are driving down the highway when they stop at a diner. After a while, they leave the diner, but keep returning to it like they are driving in a loop. They are also being chased by these floating spirit-like creatures which kill one of the men and then leaves the other stranded.

We move on to the next segment, Siren, which features three females, that are in a band called The White Tights, traveling together in a van. They catch a flat tire and they are are helped out by an odd looking older couple. They take them to their house, which is in the middle of nowhere, and one of the girls thinks she hears the woman reference their dead friend Alex. They are joined by neighbors, as strange as them, for diner and two of the friends get sick after eating. They start to act like the other people there and the last girl makes a run for it to escape. She is hit by a car, which starts the third segment, The Accident.

As the girl is running, she is hit by a car driven by a man on the phone with his wife. He gets out to check on her and calls 911, but he does not have a clue where he is. He puts the girl in his car and drives to the nearest town. He quickly realizes that no one is in this town but finds a hospital and brings her in. There is still no one inside, but he is told by the 911 operator that he must try to save the girl’s life. Things don’t go so well and the girl eventually dies and he is trapped in the abandoned hospital. But then he is mysteriously given a way out and leaves while the 911 operator is revealed to be an old woman on a pay phone right outside the hospital.

The woman on the pay phone walks into a bar, starting the Jailbreak segment. She sits down and has a discussion with the people in the bar when a man walks in with a shotgun and says he is looking for his sister. It is evident that something is not right with these people but he takes the bartender and tells him to lead him to his sister. He does and the sister is happy to see him but doesn’t want to leave. He drags her away anyways but is soon attacked by whatever the inhabitants of this town are.

We then cut to the last segment, The Way In. The segment was about a family that is attacked, and killed, by three masked men. But not long after they are killed, the floating spirit-like creatures from the first segment, rise from their bodies and tentacles rise from the ground. The tentacles grab one of the masked men while the other two get away. They are the two men from the first segment and drive away, ending the movie where it began.

Overall, Southbound was a decent movie with some good stories and moments. I did like how every stories interlocked and connected in some way. It seemed smooth and the transition was seemless. But some of the stories lacked in storytelling or just seemed rushed together. It is definitely a movie only for the hardcore horror movie fans and especially those fans of anthology horror. But even then, I found it to be lacking some key parts.

Daryl Karpinski, Jr.