The Horror Heavyweight Championship: Part 6

horror heavyweight championship 2

Like a good horror franchise, the Horror Heavyweight Championship Series is ongoing with no end in sight. As we ended the last part, the title was around the waist of the “The Sinister” Bughuul from the Sinister movies. He beat The Phantom from The Town that Dreaded Sundown in August of 2015 and was ready to defend his championship against any and all competitors. But, as it turned out, the rest of 2015 and 2016 would be a quiet year in the world of horror. Only one challenger would make his presence felt and Commissioner Zombie was quick to give this villain his shot.


 The Holiday Hell Match

On Christmas Day in 2015, Bughuul stepped into the ring to face Krampus in a match now known as the Holiday Hell Match. Krampus had entered the horror scene earlier in the month of December and Commissioner Zombie declared him the next challenger almost immediately. There was little hype about the match, but it turned out to be an all-time classic. Bughuul got the upper hand early on and Krampus seemed outmatched. Bughuul’s speed made Krampus look like a poor challenger as the champion ran circles around the Christmas demon. Bughuul hit Krampus with everything in his arsenal and was setting up for his “Mr. Boogie” finisher when the tables turned.

When Krampus had walked to the ring, he carried his big bag of toys and left it at ringside. Just before Bughuul could finish Krampus off however, the bag began to move and it distracted the champ. Then, out of nowhere, Krampus’ demonic helpers sprung from the bag and ran around the ring. This distracted Bughuul long enough for Krampus to get back to his feet and hit the champion with a flurry of German suplexes. This left the champion stunned and Krampus then signaled for the end. He picked up Bughuul and the champion tried to rebound with some chops to the chest but Krampus knocked him back down with a big boot. He picked Bughuul back up and lifted him high above his shoulders. Then, he climbed on the middle ropes and dropped the champion with his “Chimney Slam” powerslam and got the pinfall.

Bughuul’s Championship Reign: 0 years, 4 months, 4 days

Krampus The Current Champion

Krampus walked away from his first-ever match with the Horror Heavyweight Championship. He left the ring and all of his henchmen celebrated with him before climbing back into his bag. The new champ picked up the bag and the big screen declared that he would be back again some day as the champion seemed to vanish in a huge cloud of fog. To this day, Krampus has yet to defend his title and Bughuul has never been heard from again. Commissioner Zombie has repeatedly apologized to fans for the lack of action in the ring, but promises that things will heat back up in the next few years. He blamed many superstars who were expected to be back and then had their returns delayed. He did say that although Krampus demanded to only fight in the month of December, he would return to action as soon as a suitable competitor was available. And if he didn’t, he would be stripped of his title. But, for now, Krampus is the Horror Heavyweight Champion as Halloween approaches in 2016.

Daryl Karpinski, Jr.